Red Bull Art Of Motion Santorini 2015

Santorini Greece and a great red Bull Art Of motion Event

Red Bull Art Of Motion is today 3 October 2015 4:00 PM at
Santorini, Greece.

The 5th edition of Red Bull Art of Motion is almost upon us! On October 3rd it will return to the famous Cycladic island of Santorini, Greece – and we are setting our compass to a new natural track in Oia, at the north-western edge of Santorini. Watch it LIVE!

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The Beaches of Santorini Greece – Perissa Beach

Perissa Beach boasts a stunning black sand landscape and has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Santorini, Greece islands. This beautiful location appeals to an exciting and varied audience, attracting visitors looking for traditional Grecian elegance coupled with essential modern day conveniences. With the sparkling blue waters of the Aegean Sea serving as the perfect backdrop, guests have the choice of spending their stay basking in the crisp Mediterranean sunshine, or browsing the numerous bar shops, restaurants, cafes, and night clubs to be found dotted along the striking lava created landscape. Whichever activity one chooses, Perissa Beach is sure to provide the ideal environment for a highly enjoyable vacation.

Perissa Beach is located in the village of Perissa, a tourist town situated in Santorini, Greece. In ancient times Santorini occupied a single landmass surrounded by the Aegean Sea. An explosive volcanic eruption caused the string of islands seen today, still unified under the Santorini moniker. These islands boast miles of striking beaches and the sort of picturesque mountain views to be imagined only in fantasies. Whitewashed Grecian homes are situated on dynamic rock peaks and the relatively small native population (approx. 14,000), creates a cozy environment designed to fulfill the needs of both the citizens of Santorini and those looking for a great getaway.

One of the standout features of Perissa Beach is a large rock rising out of the sea. This stone serves several useful purposes, one of which is to shield the beach from the blistering winds gusting from the north. Beachgoers are able to avoid the trade winds felt by those dwelling amidst the inland of Santorini, Greece. The boulder is also an exquisite attribute of the seascape, as villagers light the rock at night to create a brilliant showpiece for all to see. This contributes to the fabulous night life on this beach, with discos, bars, and clubs catering to many different tastes in music and scenery.

Hotels on Perissa Beach are designed for everyone from the conventional outdoorsmen to the most discerning of guests, with an array of accommodations ranging from camp sites to luxury suites and everything in between. There’s also food for every taste bud, with an exciting array of restaurants designed to deliver authentic Grecian dishes coupled with a varied assortment of traditional favorites. This tourist area has omitted no essentials, and is complete with a Medical Center and several souvenir facilities to remember the terrific time shared while in Santorini, Greece. If you’re looking for a seaside vacation with all the amenities, look no further than Perissa Beach.

Jason Clegg travels to Santorini, Greece at least once each year and records his personal travel experiences on his popular blog.

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Holidays in Greece on Santorini and Kefalonia

Most holidays in Greece begin and end in Athens and visit between three and five islands over two weeks. The basic holidays in Greece hop between the most popular islands: Athens — Paros, for the beaches and the windsurfing — Antiparos — Naxos — then on to Santorini with its famous volcano and beautiful white towns cascading down the hills, or to smaller, almost car-free Ios. Holidays in Greece between the more popular islands are easier because the ferry service is more regular; to visit smaller islands it’s often easier to head back to Athens and then out again. Alternatively hire your own craft and you don’t have to worry about ferry timetables and arranging accommodation.

There’s a lot to be said for holidays in Greece, hopping between the Greek Islands, where you can decide to move on any time you fancy a new view. Especially if the views in question are of the bright, bright blue waters, smooth, whitewashed villages and the sun warmed vineyards and olive grove variety. And the best way to see them is to hop between them, as people have been doing since long before Homer sent Odysseus sailing on one of the first holidays in Greece.

If you like to plan your holidays in Greece, and book everything in advance or arrange an all inclusive option you can, but the Greek islands also offer an opportunity to spend your holidays in Greece drifting between islands waiting for things to take your fancy. The main ferries depart regularly, there’s plenty of accommodation and a lot of people have a smattering of English if not more. Add to that the sparking bright blue seas, islands that vary from wooded and rocky to whitewashed and rich in culture, good local food and drink, a relaxed outlook and plenty of sun, and holidays in Greece, Greek island hopping ticks a lot of promising boxes.

If you’re interested in watersports then Naxos, Lefkada and Rhodes are great for windsurfers, and Santorini and Paros have diving schools and water parks, so plan your holidays in Greece around them. Otherwise it might be a good idea to plan your hop around one of the main island groups. Holidays in Greece: The Cyclades: Mykonos, Santorini and Naxos are the best known Cyclades, but the western islands are close enough so that each ferry hop will only take a couple of hours, and in summer the timetable allows for four or five ferries a day. They’re also less popular with tourist, so an excellent choice for holidays in Greece,.

For a western Cyclades hop start from Paros, pop to Antiparos for the day, or else camp here right near the beach — Milos, which is a lower key version of Santorini, and where the Venus de Milo was found, and a good place to try sea kayaking — Sifnos — Serifos, which has particularly dramatic dark rocky cliffs — Kythnos, for the traditional villages and sandy crescent shaped bays which attract predominantly Greek visitors.

Holidays in Greece: Hopping The Ionian Islands: The Ionian Islands are more the warm shades of Tuscany, and with the olive groves and vineyards they share some of the flavours as well. The most famous Ionian island is probably Corfu, another point you can choose to start your holidays in Greece. Hopping the Ionian islands should be combined with a little driving and some day trips out to some of the smaller islands. Starting at Kefalonia, where they filmed ‘Captain Corelli’s Mandolin’ — Ithaca — Lefkada, which is technically not an island, joined as it is to the mainland, is all lush interiors and clean pale cliffs and coasts, including one of Europe’s most prized beaches, Porto Katsiki. From Lefkada you can catch the bus back to Athens. has excellent independent travel reviews on many word destinations. If you are looking for Holidays in Greece have a look at Santorini and Kefalonia for beautiful island experiences.