Greece floods unfortunately have victims

Greece was hit hard by floods in some areas

After summer Greece was hit hard by floods in some areas.And the worst part is that there were victims.It is impossible to describe these sudden events with words.It does not rain often in Greece due to its good climate,but last years extreme weather effects cause many damages and in some cases victims.

Election poll in Greece may show a new trend

Greece and elections

While Greek elections are far away a new poll shows a huge difference between government and major opposition party.Economic crisis is apparent in Greece.So economic outlook is very important.It is too soon to rely on statistics and polls.But the best official report is the society and economy itself.With unemployment remaining at very high levels and recession in the Greek economy the Greek government does not show any financial or fiscal progress at all.

Austerity measures tightened in Greece – Press TV News

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euronews reporter - Greece: Drowning by numbers

A year after the international rescue plan was implemented, Greece’s economy shows no signs of recovery. A disillusioned population can see no light at the end of the tunnel. We gauge the feeling in Athens, this week in Reporter….

Ταξί μία κλίκα κάνει την Ελλάδα άνω κάτω

Ταξί μία κλίκα κάνει την Ελλάδα άνω κάτω.Πάει ο τουρισμός,η ταλαιπωρία μένει.
Γιατί ταλαιπωρείται μία χώρα όταν για ένα χαρτί δεχόντουσαν οι ιδιοκτήτες ταξί να πληρώσουν πολλά λεφτά?
Τώρα η απελευθέρωση κλειστών επαγγελμάτων είναι κάτι που έπρεπε να γίνει από καιρό!