Boutique Hotels in Greece

In this modern age there are many luxuries available for every traveller. One of these luxuries is the boutique hotel. There are quite a few boutique hotels in Greece. The rate of these hotels is more than the ordinary hotels. The new trend has led to many hotels being constructed keeping in mind something different than what usually is offered by the hotels. There is a type of vintage boutique hotel in which the old structure has been renovated and that old structure has something interesting.

A boutique hotel in Greece has the spectacular interior furnishing and often there is fine art displays or cutting edge modern furniture. The rooms of these hotels are generally small but the interiors are done in a very eye catching manner with vivid colors, deep reds, even a metallic hint.

In Athens a good example of boutique hotel is the Art Hotel. It’s a new hotel which has been renovated and in actual fact it was a historical building of the 1930s. It’s really useful for business travelers as it offers free Wi-Fi access in all rooms, as well as direct-dial numbers for both telephone and fax machine.

The Mykonos Grace Hotel is a boutique hotel in Greece in the Mykonos region. It is very near to the beach and has lovely view of the sea. The rooms are decorated in the discreet style. In the Santorini region you can stay at Matina Hotel. This boutique hotel has a swimming pool and is opened all year round. The location of this hotel is superb as it is very near to the beach.

Paradise Island Villas is another boutique type hotel in villa. It has 12 luxury villas. You can expect all the privacy as all the villas have swimming pool and garden. The hotel present free fruit basket, champagne, strawberries, chocolate, rose petals and candles to make your stay even more special. The breakfast is served in bed.

Tsitouras Collection in Santorini is a boutique hotel having five freestanding cottages situated on a cliff overlooking the sea. Each cottage has a butler staff, and is decorated according to Greek theme. You can enjoy the natural beauty of Santorini while sleeping in the presence of a Picasso ceramic piece. It is a different experience altogether.

Vedema Resorts in Santorini is also a boutique hotel located in the medieval village of Megalohori. It is a converted 15th century winery. There are white villas surrounding numerous courtyards and overlook the vineyards, the town, and the deep blue sea. The villas are spacious, and the traditional Greek decor will satisfy any discerning customer. The villas are furnished with Egyptian cotton linens and amenities like TV and DVD players.

Kivotos Clubhotel Deluxe is another boutique hotel having four swimming pools. You can choose between fresh- or salt-water, piped-in music or not. The hotel complex goes down along terraced paths down the hillside, with most of the rooms having sea views. You can avail the facility of two restaurants, a cocktail bar and a spa and fitness center. It is a hotel in Greece which you won’t like to leave, so enjoy the great ambiance and scenic views and relax.

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All You Need to Know About Athens, Greece Hotels

Athens offers a wide variety of choices for travelers looking to find a suitable hotel to put up in. One can choose from a host of 5 star, 4 star and 3 star hotels depending on their budget and preference. A four star hotel however, may not always be better than one with a three star rating. This is due to the fact that within a category there are different degrees at work. These degrees may not be official but give a fairly accurate description of a hotel. For instance, a 3 star hotel with a grading of B superior is deemed better than a 4 star with C grading. In some cases C category Athens Greece hotels are even better than A category hotels. These grading are mostly based on various factors such as the size of the rooms, the lobby and the quality and pricing of the food served.

Booking your rooms

Booking at any of the Athens Greece hotels is fairly easy with most having their own websites where tourists can book rooms online. Another option is to book through a travel agent. Some of the agents offer the best deals which come out to be a lot cheaper than booking directly with the hotel. But if you are a backpacker with a very shoestring budget and no fixed itinerary then it’s better to book directly with a C category hotel. Booking with a travel agent has a number of other advantages as well. These agencies have access to all the travel schedules and can hence make your booking according to the schedule. If you make a booking on your own you run the chance of planning according to an outdated schedule. Also make sure to book your hotel well in advance before your scheduled arrival in Greece. The Athens Greece hotels can get filled up very quickly and if you arrive without any prior booking you might have to put up in a dump suggested by your taxi driver who obviously gets a decent commission from the hotel. You also wouldn’t want to wander around the city looking for a hotel after a taxing 10 -12 hour flight.

Airport hotels for short stays

For people who are visiting Athens on business purposes and are not likely to stay for more than a day or two, airport hotels are the perfect choice. The Airport Sofitel does have exorbitantly high rates but the convenience it offers to business travelers is well worth it. Just cross over from the terminal across a parking lot and you find yourself inside the lobby of the hotel. It is clean, well run and you do save a lot of money on taxis to and from the airport. For people looking for something more affordable, the Hotel Les Amis is recommended. It is located just 12 kilometers away from the airport and offers decent services.

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Travelling With Kids: The Luxury of Family Hotels in Greece

Travelling with children and as a family is undeniably rewarding: sharing the experience of foreign countries with your children, and watching their delight at discovering new, often exotic, destinations is unbeatable. The benefit of choosing luxury hotels, though, over self-catering accommodation, or cheaper all-inclusive resorts, comes into its own when children threaten to get tired or bored – the best hotels won’t even let it get that far.

Greece is an excellent example of a popular European holiday destination that caters brilliantly to parents travelling with children of all ages. Luxury hotels in Greece tend to offer outstanding facilities for families, from kids clubs to teen water sports breaks, and safe waters for swimming to splash pools and waterparks: the chances are that families will spend long, happy days in the sunshine.

Dedicated staff ensure that you achieve the perfect balance of quality family time with giving each enough space, taking decisions off the hands of busy parents, who deserve their own down-time on holiday. The benefit of choosing a luxury hotel is that everything is done for you, and that kids club staff are one step ahead, leaving you to enjoy your time away without worrying. The kids club at Mitsis Blue Domes, for example, allows children the chance to choose what they want on from their holiday, encouraging them to make new friends.

Outside of fun-filled days, it can be difficult to keep children happy, especially when it comes to food. While some children will revel in the opportunity to try new foods, there is no denying that children can be fussy or demanding. The brilliance of luxury hotels lies in the way that they offer a huge array of food options. Many resorts, such as Minos Palace Hotel in Crete offer an array of restaurants, including dedicated children’s menus to keep kids happy with familiar food, and plug the threat of any tears at tea-time.

Children will also be miserable if they don’t sleep well. Many luxury hotels in Greece, such as the El Greco Hotel in Santorini, offer excellent studio accommodation big enough for all the family – parents have their own space, but they give children the security of being close to their family. Luxury hotels are also generally quiet and peaceful by night, so the risk of being woken up by strange noises or loud music is minimal. Combined with the comfort of 5-star beds, children are guaranteed to sleep well – and will have no excuse to complain about springs in the mattress.

Family hotels in Greece are also perfect for families with teenagers looking for a taste of freedom in the Mediterranean. Luxury hotels like Mitsis Roda Beach Resort & Spa in Corfu, set over 25 acres, tend to be big enough to allow teenagers to do their own thing, and meet other people their own age, yet safe enough that parents are assured they can’t stray far: a win-win situation for keeping everyone happy. So too, no teenager is going to complain about being whisked away to a five-star hotel for a week – a good persuasion tactic!

Deciding on a destination for a family holiday is stressful, but plumping for luxury is well worth the money. Though getting a family through an airport, on to a plane, and out the other side may seem hectic, the knowledge of a private transfer to meet you, and a plush hotel waiting lets your luxury family holiday become a purely enjoyable experience – and if you can travel first class, your holiday begins at home.

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Greece Hotels — Booking through a Greek Travel Agent

The Hotel Industry in Greece is well developed and can offer a variety of accommodations for all types of the Tourists. It is always better to plan your trip in advance and make advance booking for your entire stay. At times it will become difficult to get accommodation and you will be made to accept what is available rather than taking what you want.

For booking Hotels in Greece it is always better to entrust the Work to one of the Travel Agents in Greece who do a nice job in helping you locate the Hotels and other facilities as per your expectations and then book them in advance for you and hand over the confirmation even before you start from your place. The Greek Travel Agent will offer you a better price than if you book the Hotel directly.

For booking the Hotels in Greece it is always better to go to a Travel Agent in Greece because the Agency can help you reach your Hotel at the correct time as they can make all the connecting Ferry and other modes of Travel so that you arrive at your Hotel at the booked time. On the other hand if you do the booking by your self directly and if you happen to not able to get the connecting boat or Ferry that takes you to your booked Hotel at the booked time you are unable to use the room you have reserved and paid for, and you need a Room for the night on the Island you are delayed on. All these situations are difficult to deal with by yourself.

A local Travel Agent can come and help you at anytime in case of a need and he can better deal the situation well rather than an Agent in a foreign Country. A Greek travel agent always has working relationship with the Hotels and can solve any problems before they start. By any chance if you are stranded on an Island far from your Hotel that has been booked for you, you have the option of always calling your Greek Travel Agent and asking him to help you to reach your Hotel which he can do as he is locally available and can be of help to you at short notice.

This makes engaging a Greek Agency rather then your local agent a prudent decision. In case of necessity your Greek Agent alone will be able to help you faster even in circumstances where your foreign Agents cannot do a thing and leave you fend for yourself.

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A Look at Thessaloniki Greece Hotels

With a host of multifaceted attention grabbing factors such as ancient monuments of archeological and historical value, natural settlements and sites, a lifestyle worth envying and extremely hospitable and welcoming locals, the district of Thessaloniki enjoys a great reputation among tourists worldwide. Thessaloniki is actually a prefecture and is a part of the district of Central Macedonia, with a local population of about 950000 people.

The second capital

With the right mix of history in terms of rare archeological findings, and modern comforts in the form of the best resorts and hotels and entertainment centers, Thessaloniki Greece hotels has managed to find a place in the list of must visit places in the world. No wonder it is commonly referred to as the second capital of Greece by the locals, with some even going on to call it better than Athens, owing to the lower pollution levels here.

Finding the right accommodation

While there is enough for everyone to do while in Thessaloniki, with great sightseeing options, a rocking nightlife and some great shopping destinations, it also offers a wide range of options as far as accommodation is concerned with a host of 3, 4 and 5 star Thessaloniki Greece hotels to put up in. One can choose from this wide range depending on one’s preference and budget. Here’s a look at some of the popular hotels preferred by tourist visiting this historical city.

Egnatia Hotel: A 3 star hotel, it is situated in the Antigonidon Street and offers visitors large spacious rooms equipped with all modern amenities such as internet access and satellite television. The hotel is located in the heart of the city and is hence easily accessible and is decorated with rich, lively colors. The lounge bar of the hotel is popular among the regulars for its coffee and drinks. A free breakfast buffet that is offered to all occupants on the house is a great way to start a day of sightseeing and shopping! The Thessaloniki Greece hotels are at a walking distance from a number of monuments such as the white tower, museums and the Byzantine.

Hotel Panorama: The hotel Panorama is a four star hotel and is located in the suburbs, on the outskirts of the main city. The hotel is situated right in the lap of nature with lush green surroundings and offers a breathtaking view of the city and the bay of Thermaicos. The hotel is known for its trademark warm service and hospitality and is decorated in a traditional Greek manner. The hotel is easily connected to the airport, has large comfortable rooms with balconies and all modern facilities. Give it a try for the excellent views it offers.

Grand Hotel Palace: The Grand Hotel Palace is the perfect choice for those willing to spend more on accommodation. This five star hotel is a true modern hotel with world class luxury and atmosphere. It offers all the modern facilities and environment that one expects from five star Thessaloniki Greece hotels.

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Greece Hotels – Select Your Hotel Wisely

Greece is one of the most Popular Tourist destinations in Europe, and attracts a wide range of Tourists from all over the World. Greece Hotels are very pleasant to stay, offering the Olden Hospitality combined with the modern comfort. Greece Hotels offer a wide variety of accommodations for all ranges of the Tourists.

Athens is the most attractive place on the Central Greece and has the best Hotel accommodation for the Tourist. It is always better to stay around Plaka and it is a centrally located Area nearer to the Acropolis.

Hotels in Athens come in several Categories ranging from the 5 Star hotels to other Categories from A to C depending upon various factors with respect to each Hotel.

Hotels are classified as per the facilities they have and the 5 Star happens to be the most luxurious. Next category is the A Category Hotels that come under the 4 Star Category and the B Group Hotels that come under 3 Star Hotels. The category of the Hotels in Greece is classified based on various factors like size of the Lobby, breakfast Room, Room size etc.

The pricing for the Hotels depend on the Category of the Hotel and you can find that the Hotels that come under the Class B offers more comfort at lower Prices. One peculiar thing among the categories in Hotels in the Greek Islands are that sometimes we can find a C category Hotel better than Hotels that are classified as Hotels in Category A. So beware of the Categories of the Hotels and don’t let yourself get carried over by them.

Always try to see the quality of the Hotel if you personally go to book the Hotel, and immaterial of the Category and classification of the Hotels what you want is a Hotel environment that is clean, friendly and located in a good locality with more facilities at reasonable Prices.

While booking the Hotels you can either do it directly or through the Travel Agents. But you can prefer your Travel Agent as there is no benefit for your direct booking in Greece Hotel Industry. The advantages being that the entire process of booking confirming etc will be taken care of by the Agent and you will be free from speaking with a Greek speaking Hotel Staff and other connected concerns and you can save a lot on International Long distance phone charges also.

It is always better to book in advance otherwise you may have to depend on the Taxi Driver from the Airport who will take you to some unknown dump for the sake of his commission.

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Crete, Greece Hotels – Enjoy a Beautiful Island

Crete is considered to be the most beautiful island of Greece. This place is mainly known and famous for its beautiful sandy beaches and romantic atmosphere and dramatic Crete Greece hotels and due to this, Crete Island has got the major attraction for tourists. This island is a mixture of ancient Greek and modern European civilizations. These days Crete consists of four zones among which of them are Chaina, Heraklion, Rethymnon and Iassithi. The all four zones of Crete Island are extra ordinary beautiful and have got huge mountains, coastal sea shores, ample of attractive resorts’ and hotels.

Since the Crete island of Greece is the great attraction for tourists; many hotels and resorts are there to facilitate the locals as well as foreigners in the best regard. Crete Greece hotels are for all types of income people for instance there are some hotels that are five star and few hotels are also available which are 4 to 3 stars and can be affordable by normal or above normal income earning individuals. One of the best things of all the hotels that are made in this beautiful and mesmerizing island is that they are surrounded by the stunning atmosphere and environment, and people really feel good once they come here to spend time with their families or loved ones.

If the person is traveling to any one of these zones he will surely be able to find out the best and perfect Crete Greece hotels for himself, as for instance if the individual is going to stay at Rethymnon, he will easily be able to find hotels their which are one of the best and easy to come in range. Hotel that is available at Rethymnon is hotel Irini mare hotel, this is basically a four star rated hotel with high class customer services, and the best thing about this hotel is that they are providing the best services to their customers. This decor of the hotel is combination of ancient Greek and modern art and this makes it more attention-grabbing for the individuals. Apart from this one of the best things about this hotel is that they have plenty of olives and carob trees that are providing shades in the garden where there is a swimming pool for both adults and kids. Chaina is the other sector where mostly those individuals come who want to spend vacations with their families, this place has got one of the best beaches in the world, from sandy to crystal clear, to pebbled all verity of beaches are available here, in fact it is not wrong to say that this place is the main attraction for the tourists, so the hotels that are made here are more attraction seeking and beautiful then hotels from other sectors. From 5 stars to 3 stars; all hotels are easily available here.

In short it is not wrong to say that these hotels have got all the things to entertain the individuals by keeping their pocket affordability in mind.

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Heraklion Greece Hotels – Enjoy the World Class Facilities

Crete Island is one of the most spectacular and beautiful place of Greece, this island has got the combination of manmade and nature expertise together. The Crete Island has got four sectors and Heraklion is among one of these sectors, all the zones of Crete Island are beautiful at their own places but the beauty of Heraklion is different from all as this; offering some of the most out sanding beaches. The beaches are usually rocky and sandy but still people love to come here except from the beautiful beaches, charming villages and even some of the important old and ancient sites of the Greece are also available. Once the person visits here; he will surely love to come here again and again. In fact it not wrong to say that this place is the best combination of human and nature efforts.

Since this place is surrounded by the stunning wonders of Mother Nature that is why every year lot many tourists throughout the world come here to make themselves enjoy by the mesmerizing atmosphere and eye catching landscaping of this beautiful place. Heraklion Greece hotels are there to provide the world class facilities to the entire tourists in order to make their trip memorable and more enjoyable. Many hotels and resorts are spread throughout the place among which few of them are providing the services of 5 star hotels and few belong to category rating from 3 to 2 stars. Vast varieties of hotels are available and individual can select any of them according to his or her likeness and desires. The five start hotel are too good as they have the revolving ceiling; each bathroom have Jacuzzis and steam bath, in short it is not wrong to say that 5 star hotels at Heraklion can really pamper the person. During the peak or vacations session many of the hotels start giving discount packages in order to grab the attention of more customers and with these discount packages they also gives other complimentary benefits like they may give the breakfast free etc.

Many popular Heraklion Greece hotels are there among which one of them is city hotel of Heraklion Hotel. This is basically a 4 star hotel and the best thing about this hotel is the outer view which the person can enjoy by standing against his room window or sitting in the balcony. This hotel provides high quality services and apart from this the hotel offers the pick and drop facility as well, which is really a great attraction for the tourists as they are getting all the benefits and advantages under one roof. This hotel has also got both indoor and outdoor pools separate for adults and children. Many other hotels are also available and person can select any one of them according to his affordability of his pocket. If the person wants to visit this place for his vacations then it is advisable for him to book the Heraklion Greece hotel online as in the peak session it might get difficult to get the hotel.

Hi, I am Angel. I love Greece. Greece offers a wide variety of choices for travelers looking to find a suitable Greece Hotels like Heraklion Greece hotel to put up in.

Greece Hotels — Some of the Best Among Them

Greece Hotels cater to different types of Visitors and we have Hotels in all ranges. Mostly the Hotels in Greece are categorized in Category A, B and C depending n the facility they offer to their Customers. Category A is usually given to 5 Star Luxury Hotels and B and C are 4 and 3 Star ones. But categories may be misleading in Greece Hotels especially those that are in the Islands.

Hotel Attlaos in Athens is one of the best Hotels in Greece and it is situated next to the Monastiraki Flea Market and Metro Station. You can reach the Hotel by walk in 5 minutes from the Acropolis. It is just one block away from Psiri, where you get great Cafes, and restaurants at Night. From the rooftop cafe with a view of the Parthenon, good air-conditioning, with good breakfast you will really enjoy your stay in this Hotel. The staff in this Hotel is highly professional and they treat you well and take care of you as their real guest during the time you are in Hotel Attlaos.

The Cecil Hotel is in the heart of Athens on a beautifully renovated neo- classical Building close to the ancient Market and the New City Market. It can be reached in 20 minutes from the Airport and also in 20 minutes from the Piraeus port. The Acropolis and other sights of tourist importance inside the City of Athens are all nearby and can be just walked. The Plakas and Psiri and other places are also conveniently nearby.

Moreover the Cecil Hotel offers easy walking access to numerous Taverns, Restaurants and many places like Cafes, Nightclubs and Cinemas, offering all forms of daytime and evening entertainment for which Athens is famous. This Hotel is also very economically priced.

The Adams Hotel in Athens is yet another neat, clean and economical Hotel without fancy items as in other Hotels. It is located in a quiet part of Plaka near the Kydatheneon Street. The rooms are newly renovated have A/c, television, and balconies. It is one of the best places for your stay in Athens Greece that is both economical and quiet and calm surroundings.

We have a lot of B-Category Hotels like Athens Sypria, Astor Hotel, Electra Palace, and Armonia Hotel etc in the Athens Area of Greece. We have many hotels both in mainland Greece as well as Islands of Greece.

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Greece Hotels

Greece is one of the best vacation spots in Europe. Other than the mainland, there are a number of islands where there are excellent hotels. All the islands in Greece have a large choice of hotels, from luxury hotels to moderate ones. Tourists can easily find hotels to fit into every kind of budgets and facilities.

Hotels in Greece can be categorized into six groups: Luxury, A, B, C, D, and E.

A hotel is ranked based on the size of rooms, variety, array of amenities offered and the services provided by the hotel. Factors such as cleanliness, friendliness or comfort are not considered in the classification process.

D and E class hotels have almost the same price range. In both these classes of hotels, there is no guarantee that hot water will be available. Food is not available on the hotel premises. The bathroom is shared in all E class hotels, and in some D class ones, as well.

C class hotels have private bathrooms. Food is available on the hotel premises, and there is hot water, though it may not be available all day long. Luxury, A, and B class hotels have many amenities. They have private bathrooms and provide continuous hot water.

The tourist police of Greece control the rent charges, which is dependent on the class of the hotel. Ideally all hotels are required to post a sign behind the door of each room showing the maximum cost of the room. Prices are subject to changes and it is recommended that a visitor call for an updated price quote just before the arrival dates. Prices are dependent on seasonal fluctuations and the location of the hotel. In July and August, the rate for rooms is high as these are the peak tourism months. In April, May, September and October, the tariffs tend to fall. Most hotels provide transport to and from the hotel.

For travelers planning a long trip, it makes sense to rent a large self-contained space such as an apartment, house, or villa. Apartments are sometimes available within hotels or they can be found from listings, along with houses and villas, in the local newspapers.

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