Is Buying A Holiday Home Overseas With A 100% Mortgage A Wise Move? The Greece Example

For the majority of people looking for a holiday home abroad, a housing loan or mortgage that will provide them with 100% of the house value seems like a gift rather than an option. We are at a time where people receive offers of this kind via e mail.

However, it is a well known fact that the higher the mortgage you are looking for, the higher its cost is to you. Naturally, there are always positive options on offer in countries like Greece, one of the countries with a highly attractive real estate market. In this article we will examine Greece more carefully.

Within 2007 the interest rates on offer started from as low as 2,95%. Naturally, this was the base interest rate, not including house, life insurance or the legally required state contribution. A realistic expectation of an interest rate including these additions is between an average of 4% and 5%.

Fixed interest rates on offer start from 1 year and can reach even more than 20 years depending on the bank. Naturally opting for a fixed interest rate for more than 3 years usually guarantees that the interest rate will exceed 5%.

There is not really a minimum mortgage amount (i.e. some banks mention 3.000,00 euro as a starting point) while it is possible to obtain up to 90% or even 100% mortgage of the property value in some cases.

The repayment period for mortgages is up to 40 years, again depending on the bank, while one can repay it up to the age of 75. There are also financial institutions which offer the option of paying only the interest for the first two years of the mortgage. The installments of the housing loan are always paid after the money is released to the applicant. As in most countries, the banks based in Greece usually request for proof of income from the applicants which is usually supplied through their tax declaration documents.

The question remains: Should someone go for a 100% mortgage? First of all, the recent sub prime crisis in the United States of America (USA) apart from creating hundreds of thousands homeless until recently house owners, has also made banks around the world more careful with their housing loan options. Even in Greece articles in various newspapers such as “Kathimerini” or “Proto Thema” highlighted on Sunday 3rd of February 2008 the fact that Greek banks are going to increase the cost of mortgages and reduce the percentage they offer to cover. This implies that, 90% or 100% funding will soon seize to exist as an option while housing interest rates may soon rise.

As expected, Greek banks want to reduce their risk in this way but at the same time they protect the interested purchaser. Despite the fact that protecting the consumer is not any banks’ top priority this helps us to answer the initial question put in the title of this article. Acquiring a housing loan will always be an option, but as a holiday, permanent or investment home seeker you may always keep in mind that there are two ways of reducing your risk:

1. Available funds enable you to acquire a smaller mortgage amount and thus pay less interest. Always set a realistic amount as your available budget without over stretching your self. At the same time it would be recommended that a minimum 15% deposit is secured before you commence your research in order to buy a home overseas.

2. Select a country and most importantly a location with a combination of what you are looking for and relatively low mortgage rates. Greece is the example that has been given so far and Crete could be a suggested location. A location is vital for the long term property value and in the island of Crete the real estate market has a relatively modest raise of 10% to 15% per year which makes it stand out when compared with the rest of Greece as a safe investment destination.

Taking these small steps may protect you while purchasing a property overseas and help you to turn this process into a more enjoyable and safe experience.

Nektaria Kladitis is a Greek Canadian who has lived in Canada, Greece and England, acquiring a Bachelor of Arts, a Masters of Science as well as years of experience in properties overseas. Nektaria is also the creator of the property consultancy – Talos Properties.

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Visit Paxos for an Unforgettable Flotilla Sailing Holiday in Greece

If you have always enjoyed spending time on the open ocean, navigating from port to port and exploring some lesser-known destinations then flotilla sailing holidays are for you.

One of the advantages of opting for flotilla sailing rather than going it alone is that you can make new friends along the way and look forward to some interesting company in the afternoons or evenings.

And what better place to go for such a break than Greece? With so much of the nation surrounded by water, you won’t be short of choice when it comes to choosing a destination.

There are the beautiful waters of the Aegean Sea – known as the birthplace of Greek sailing – the picturesque islands in the Saronic Gulf and the charming villages and ports on the isles in the Ionian Sea.

If you are drawn to the Ionian Sea, then you will find that Paxos makes an excellent base for a sailing holiday in Greece. The island boasts many beautiful towns and villages to explore, as well as some stunning natural scenery that you can enjoy.

You will begin your flotilla sailing in Greece in the main port of Gaios Paxos. Here you will have the chance to explore its quaint streets lined by 19th century buildings before setting off on your sailing adventure with the rest of your party.

Gaios Paxos is also an excellent place to get your first taste of traditional Greek cuisine, with its many restaurants and tavernas all offering wonderful dishes created using fresh, locally-grown produce.

In fact, the island is well known for its olive oil production and you could find that one of your first stops once you leave the harbour is to see the olive groves at Lakka Paxos.

Lakka is the second-largest settlement on the isle and the waterfront here is packed with restaurants, as well as shops selling olive oil and other local foods.

Stock up on some authentic Greek cooking items before you head off on the next leg of your journey – you may be able to create some great dishes in your galley as you sail along.

Another town on Paxos that is worth visiting is Loggos. This picturesque fishing village is quiet and the epitome of coastal life in Greece.

The small harbour and winding streets are picture-perfect and you’ll also find that it is a good place to buy some more food and drink for your journey.

As with many of the Greek islands, you’ll also find a welcoming stretch of sand here where you can relax in comfort before taking to the helm once again.

When you leave Paxos, you should be sure to plan a stop at the small nearby island of Anti Paxos. This isle is almost uninhabited but its vineyards produce some great wines, so it is worth paying a visit as you sail by.

You will also find two pristine beaches here, so you can easily spend half a day soaking up the sun and taking dips in the sea.

From Paxos, the next logical port of call is Corfu and you will be amazed by the architecture and attractions in Corfu Town.

This historic settlement is comprised of winding alleyways and beautiful buildings, with a fort and palace just waiting to be explored.

If you are interested in history and want to find out more about the local culture, then you can always pay a visit to one of the museums in the area – or head to one of the churches to discover the role of religion on island life.

Of course, one of the attractions of flotilla holidays is the camaraderie and you may find that Corfu is the ideal place to arrange a party or large meal for your group due to the wide range of restaurants, bars and other establishments on the island.

You may also want to consider finding a secluded cove on one of the other islands to enjoy a beach barbeque amid stunning natural surroundings.

And if you are tired after a full day of sailing on the open sea then you can always return to your yacht when you are ready and get a good night’s sleep. Flotilla holidays combine the best of both worlds – giving you all the privacy you need while allowing you to meet other like-minded sailors and make new friends.

If you are planning flotilla sailing holidays why not consider flotilla sailing in Greece? Sunsail offers a range of opportunities for flotilla sailing breaks, with the Greek coast providing the perfect backdrop. To find the ideal sailing holiday in Greece to suit your abilities, get in touch with Sunsail.

Cheap Holidays in Greece: An Island Hopping Holiday in the Sun

If you dream of exploring the crystal waters of the Aegean sea then island hopping is a fantastic option, offering a great way to sample the flavours of some of Greece’s stunning islands. Take advantage of the numerous packages available catering for all timescales, budgets and interests and create a memorable holiday without breaking the bank. Home to the most influencing ancient civilization of the modern world, Greece islands offer a wealth of history, charm and beauty. Numerous companies provide a variety of all inclusive holidays in Greece, certain to save you time and money these are a great option if you want to take the hassle out of island hopping. If you prefer a more free spirited approach then you need do little more than set off with a rough plan, flight and ferry timetable, and accommodation guide in hand. The only problem you’ll have when planning this holiday is choosing which of these fantastic islands to visit, here’s a guide to some of Greece’s gems.

The Aegean Islands are positioned closer to the coast of Turkey than to mainland Greece, and though less popular than the Cyclades they are no lesser in any other sense. Encompassing islands such as – Samos, Chios, and Limnos these unspoiled isles offer individualism and authenticity amongst a wealth of sandy beaches and a dramatic lush landscape. Lemnos remains largely unspoiled by tourism and is a must if you crave an authentic island experience. Ikaria, another of the Eastern Aegean’s most beautiful islands is also well worth a visit. Visit Samos for nightlife and a livelier atmosphere, though a tourist favourite it still retains the characterising calm cherished by its Greek island neighbours. These islands are easily accessible by boat and plane.

When most picture the Greek islands it is an image of the typically ‘Greek’ Cyclades that is conjured. With crystal clear waters, golden beaches and white washed houses, they are the most famous and popular group of Greek Islands. Amongst its 39 islands Naxos – the largest – offers inviting sandy beaches and lush green valleys, and for dramatic scenery Santorini is a must. All the islands offer diversity and the opportunity to explore the ancient remains of one of Europe’s oldest civilizations and a tranquillity that is not easily found in modern society. All are easily accessible from Athens and have great inter island ferry links. Domestic flights also serve many of the islands and Santorini and Mkonos have international airports, so you could begin your trip from the islands themselves.

The Dodecanese are located in the southeast of the Aegean, they again offer visitors everything synonymous with Greece, charming whitewashed villages, great beaches and historical ruins. These islands all have a unique character and if it’s cheap holidays in Greece you’re after then large and cosmopolitan islands such as Kos and Rhodes are great options. Centrally situated, Halki offers those seeking a haven from frenetic tourist traps a truly relaxing retreat. For all walkers out there Tilos is a must, with awe-inspiring natural beauty. To explore these islands get a direct flight to Rhodes, Kos and Karpathose or go to Athens and catch a ferry to your first island, from there you’ll find efficient and regular inter island flights or ferries available.

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Combining Turkey and Greece Into One Holiday

From the call to prayer to church bells, combining Turkey and Greece into one holiday is a great way to get the most out of your vacation time. Geographically close (in some places it’s possible to cross over to the Greek Islands in just 20 minutes), but pleasantly different, Turkey/Greece combinations appeal to those who like a little history, culture and adventure mixed in with their sun, sea and sand. Also, if you check your favorite currency converter, you’ll see the Turkish Lira is still your friend.

Make your reservation at least one day in advance and be aware you may have to submit your passport overnight for registration. Also, it cannot be stressed enough that you MUST confirm departure dates and times carefully, as they are notoriously ever-changing.

What’s working for you:

For Canadians, Aussies, Kiwis, Americans and most EU residents, the Turkish visa is a 3 month multiple entry and EU entrance is free, so you can hop back and forth between the two countries without paying additional visa costs.
There are discounts on fares for kids six and under.
You won’t have to pay the port tax if you go to Greece on a day trip, but if you stay overnight in Greece, you will be required to pay the tax upon re-entry into Turkey. (Usually five or 10 euro and it must be paid in cash.)
Same day return tickets are only a few Euro more than a one-way trip, and booking an open return ticket is cheaper than two one-way tickets. You won’t have to pay the extra port tax, or one night’s accommodation in Euro. Samos, Rhodes, Kos and Kastellorizo can easily be visited on day trips.
Can’t afford a Greek vacation on the Euro? Basing yourself in Turkey with an excursion to Greece will give you the vacation you’ve been dreaming of and be much kinder on your wallet.

What’s working against you:

Unfortunately, the above point also works against you, the Greeks have made the ferry fares much more expensive in recent years to discourage Greeks from doing too much cross-border shopping. The most expensive ferry is always the Ayvalik -Lesvos route. The cheapest? Kas to Kastellerizo weighs in at 20 Euro return.
The other headache is scheduling. Ferry companies in the area are such commitment-phobes they can’t even commit to a regular two month schedule. Find a reliable travel agent to deal with schedules and ticketing for you. Pay the agent for their time, they are going to save you literally hours of headache, hassle and heartbreak.

Where to go:


Lesvos is a charming island with uncrowded beaches, laid back villages, and friendly locals. Despite developing tourism, the inhabitants of the island have done a good job of keeping their traditions and customs alive. Lesvos is famous for its excellent aniseed-flavored ouzo, thermal hot springs and for being the birthplace of the female poet Sappho.

How to get there: The ferry runs a few days a week during the summer months from Ayvalik (Turkey) to Mytilini (Greece) from June 1st to September. The trip takes two hours.


Chios is not on the Greek Island hopping route that most travelers follow, which means its less touristy and the locals are still happy to receive visitors. Chios has a few gems hidden away as well, don’t miss the medieval village of Mesta and the unique graffito covered village of Pyrgi. The summertime in Chios is often windy which is perfect for sailing and wind-surfing. In the evening enjoy the nightclubs, cafes and restaurants that line the posh waterfront in the town of Chios.

How to get there: The ferry runs daily from June to September.

Samos At one point, Samos is no more than 2 km (1.24 miles) from the coast of Turkey. Covered with white sand beaches, picturesque villages, and fishing harbors, Samos is the prettiest Hellenic island. An island which lives its traditions, it’s famous for the production and quality of its wine and ouzo.

How to get there: The ferry to Samos departs from Kusadasi. Between June 1st and October 15th there are departures everyday at 08:30am and 5:00pm.


The second most popular and touristy island after Rhodes, Kos is very well organized and has everything a tourist could hope for. Visitors are attracted to its sandy beaches and rich history, along with the vivid nightlife. If you like sightseeing during the day and clubbing and barhopping at night, Kos is for you!

How to get there: Getting to Kos is a breeze from Bodrum, during the summer months Hydrofoils leave every morning and return in the evening.

Rhodes Rhodes is located within eyesight of the Turkish coast and its capital, Rhodes City, remains a unique blend of Turkish and Crusader influences. An easy day trip from Marmaris, Rhodes is known as one the most beautiful medieval cities in the world.

How to get there:

From Marmaris: A hydrofoil ferry departs every day around 9am from Marmaris, and runs June to September.

From Fethiye: A hydrofoil runs between Fethiye and Rhodes in July and August daily, except Saturday. This is a very popular route, so book ahead. From Bodrum: Another hydrofoil runs from Bodrum to Rhodes twice a week during the summer, check on the dates and times with a local travel agent.


Only one nautical mile from the coast of Kas you find the smallest of the Dodecanese Islands. Movie buffs may know this island as the idyllic setting for the 1991 Oscar winning movie “Mediterraneo”. The trip to this small unspoilt island takes only 20 minutes.

How to get there: This ferry runs daily July and August and roughly once a week through the winter.

Want to learn more about traveling in Turkey and Greece? Visit for reliable and reasonable vacation ideas! Get your vacation plans in motion today!

Holidays in Greece – Greek Holiday Destinations You Should Know About

Holidays in Greece are something lots of people have dreamt about. I suspect you are that kind of person, because even if you’ve been there, you always want to go back for some more…

Normally, you would think that Greece should be visited only during summer. This, however, is totally wrong. Greece is not all about islands and beaches. Greece has great cultural heritage as well. Ancient Greece was where western civilization began, as you may have heard, about 3000 years ago. Remnants of this civilization are evident today practically all over Greek territory, but some sites are more famous than others. Here are some famous Historical Greek Holiday Destinations:

Athens: A city that became very rich and powerful about 5th century BC. All the wealth and power was demonstrated with a building complex on a rock, dedicated to the Gods. This is how Parthenon was built along with other Temples on the Acropolis. Every year, thousands of people visit Greece for this reason only: To admire one of the greatest temples ever made.
Ancient Olympia: This is where the Olympic Games took place during ancient times. Every 4 years, any warfare had to stop and each city sent athletes to compete. Their trophy? An olive tree branch…

Greek mainland is not a dull place for vacation either. Because of the mountainous territory (about 79% of the Greek land is consisted of mountains), Greek landscapes are here to amaze you throughout the year, even in winter! There are plenty of Greek Holiday destinations that are highly recommended to be visited during winter. Here are some of them.

Zagoria: A group of small villages connected with twisted roads and stone bridges. This is a place for those who just love great landscapes…. such a great place for trekking. This area is consisted of high mountains, endless rivers and rich flora. You will be wonder-struck when you see that every building is made of stone and in great style.
Arachova: A small town located in central Greece is a well known place because of the ski center of Parnassos, the best organized ski center of the country. Definitely an ideal destination for those who love winter holidays

Now, you may have changed your idea a little bit about Holidays in Greece in winter. However, I know that some of you may just be interested in the hottest places to be at during summertime. Holidays in Greece are so famous because of the sun anyway. So, here are two of the finest summer’s Greek Holiday Destinations:

Santorini: Known for its amazing landscape, its black-rock beaches and its white-blue houses. This place is plainly unique in the world. If it’s not in your “must-visit-once-in-my-lifetime” list you have certainly got to put it…
Rhodes: An island that has nearly everything. Ancient Castles, sandy beaches, water sports and great nightlife. Also famous for its Colossus, a statue placed on the entry of the harbor, it is one of the most popular destinations in whole Europe.

As you may suspect, there are many more Greek holiday Destinations that I should also include here. Don’t worry though; there is a much fuller guide at Where to travel in Greece.

Holiday to Greece – The Island Land

Greece is country in the southeastern Europe, situated in the southeast end of the Balkan Peninsula. Its is a country famous for its historical past, natural beauty and its numerous beaches. On an Holiday to Greece, you are ought to get a taste of all of this while you go around the several islands the country boasts of. There are some 1400 odd islands in the country alone, out of which several are said to be uninhabited, while few the others have a population of less than 100 inhabitants. While there are others that are generally over crowded in every season bustling with visitors, vendors and the like.

What is interesting about all these islands is that all of them have an astonishing tale to tell. Each island has an historical past which can be best enjoyed only when your go visiting these places on your Holiday to Greece.

The Saronic Islands are one such Greek island that was named after the Saronic gulf where they are situated. The most popular of the Saronic islands are the Salamis Island where the ancient Greek army had defeated the Persians in the famous battle of Salamis. Other islands under this group are the Aegina, Angistri, Poros, Hydra and Dokos.

The Sporades have some 24 islands in the group which is popular as an archipelago in the east coast of Greece. Amongst the 24 islands that the group covers only Alonnisos, Skiathos, Skopelos and Skyros are inhabited islands.

Other Islands that you can visit on your Holiday to Greece [] shall include sets of The Ionian Islands, Dodecanese islands which comprises some 164 islands in total of which only 26 are populated. The Agean Islands are comparatively better inhabited island groups than the others. The Cyclades Islands comprise some 220 odd islands.

What is unique about all these islands is that each one comprises a unique feature in itself that cannot be compared with the others. The culture, the cuisine and the tradition of each island is special which shall make your Holiday to Greece worth all the efforts.

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Buying Holiday Homes In Greece

Greece doesn’t require any introduction, when it comes to speaking about its role in the worldwide tourism. The nation’s timeless ancient history and its unharmed natural landscape, provide with the needed pull for drawing in millions of visitors to its soil each year. But, the story doesn’t stop there, and the recent trends might say, even the Greece property market was about to experience a major boom due to the greater keenness being shown by the foreign buyers. Greece property provides the buyers with an option to buy holiday homes, villas and apartments over a wide range of tourist places. These places are scattered allover its mainland, the coastal area and several of its well-known islands. Least to say, these are well developed urban areas with the air links and sea routes arriving in from and leading out to the entire globe.

There is no definite answer as to why this latest upsurge may have taken place in the Greek property market, but the analysts attribute two major geopolitical events for this transformation. The first one was the admission of Greece into the European Union in 1981, and the second one, the return of Olympic games in Athens in 2004. Both events proved crucial in helping out the Greek tourism and its real estate market to resurrect themselves in the eyes of the global community. A whole lot of new construction was undertaken during the Olympics campaign, which subsequently became the selling ground for the Greek real estate.

From what we understand about today’s Grecian real estate, it is hard to buy a low-cost single family house in Athens, where the demand to supply ratio for such units is much higher compared to the other regions of the country. This leaves out the buyers with an option to buy apartments in Athens, which are easier to locate in the Greece property since the 2004 Olympic games ended here. At the same time, people can buy luxurious villas in the resort towns as an investment option or to have extended holidays there.

Buyers eye the hectic profits these days, when deciding to invest in the villas or farm lands across the Greek countryside. Villas can be sold to other buyers at a handsome premium later. On the other hand, many villa owners lend their properties to holidaymakers, who flock in huge numbers after each winter season. Thus, the market for Greece property provides with a great investment value to all those who might be willing to cash in from its buoyant trend.

Anybody who might be seeking to own a Greece property will have to fulfill certain conditions before doing so. These are, having a Greek bank account, being enrolled as a tax payer in Greece and getting a prior permission to buy properties in certain areas. The permission to buy properties can be obtained from the chief administrative or judicial officer in the area of concern. It should also be noted down that, those hailing from the European Union should easily be able to own properties in their names, as compared to those from the non-EU countries.

Pankaj Mohan is a freelance writer, who often writes on behalf of You can check out more facts about Greece property by visiting this site.

Tips For a Sailing Holiday – Ionian Islands in Greece

Sailing in Greece is perfect when you are in the Ionian Islands. Ionian Islands is a group of islands located in the western portion of Greece. It is perfectly situated along the Ionian Sea on the coasts of Peloponnesus and Epirus. Its major islands are Paxos, Cythera, Ithaca, Lefkas, Zacynthus, Cephalonia, and Corfu.

The islands first inhabitants were the Ancient Greeks. They first arrived to the islands probably near the beginning of the 9th or 10th century BC. However, it was later ruled by other western civilizations. Among them are the Roman (146 BC), Byzantium (300 AD), and the Venetian Empires (1204 AD). Subsequently, before it was acquired by Greece in 1864 and claimed the island as part of the country’s official territory, the island was earlier yielded to other countries. These include France (1807), Russia (1799), Turkey (1799), and the United Kingdom (1815).

Ionian Islands is also known as Eptanisa or the Seven Islands because of its 7 main islands. Because of its mild climate and nice ports, it became one of Greece’s most visited yacht charter areas along the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

When you are sailing in Greece, it is very common to sight gulet motorsailers, yachts, flotillas, and bareboats. If you are taking your holiday vacation with your kids or the whole family, sailing in Ionian Islands is ideal for you. This is because the islands has calm seas and gentle winds. Travelers who are not skilled in sailing can also take advantage of the islands perfect climate.

Sailing in Greece through the Ionian Islands is an ideal holiday vacation. The islands has several harbors and docks that can be used as a charter base. Preveza, Corfu, and Lefkas are Ionian Islands 3 yacht charter bases. From these 3 ports, the most visited and admired is the Lefkas harbor. Lefkas is characterized by its apt Mediterranean climate and interesting trekked mountains. Furthermore, its beaches have golden sand and full-size waves. Lefkas’ most beautiful beaches include Perigiali, Nikiana, and Nidri.

On the other hand, some sailing tourists favor the Preveza port. It is located along the Amvrakia Gulf. The port is distinguished by its sturdy crosscurrent.

Sailing in Greece has never been this exciting. Aside from enjoying Ionian Islands scenic environment, you can also take pleasure in the island’s fascinating ancient histories.

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Holidays in Greece – Greek Holiday Destinations You Should Know About (Part 2)

Have you ever traveled to Greece? If you have read my previous article about Greek holiday destinations, you will have probably realized by now that you can visit Greece even in winter, and have a great time too. Greece has so many holiday destinations that you will find it’s hard to decide where to go. This is due to the variety of the landscape which is consisted of High Rocky Mountains, rich forests and sandy beaches. So, it doesn’t really matter when you will decide to travel. There is a type of Destination for each season of the Year.

So, how about some winter holiday destinations? Adding to the previous article’s two, Zagoria and Arachova here are some more:

Ioannina: A small city built next to a lake, not far away from the villages of Zagoria. You will be pleased to find out that the lake has a small island, which thousands of tourists visit every year. On the island you can visit a museum built in a cell of a monastery!!

Metsovo: This is an area near Ioannina, ideal for trecking. The site, like Zagoria is consisted of mountains, valleys and rivers, and the village’s houses are made of stone. The most visited sights are churches, old houses and monasteries. If you want a peacefull and calm holiday, this is a place you must go to.

If you plan to travel in autumn or spring instead, the best advice is to visit some of the cultural marvels of Greece, located in the Greek mainland.

Delphi: This is where the most famous Oracle of ancient Greece was cited. It was said that Zeus unleashed two eagles, one from the west, and another from the east edge of the world. They met in Delphi, and that’s why ancient Greeks believed that was the center of the world. There are some remnants of Apollo’s temple on the site, consisted of five pillars.

Messolonghi: A small town on the west side of Greece. It is known for its contribution to the Greek revolution in 1825 and 1826. There are numerous monuments and statues of the Greek revolution’s heroes, as well as remnants of the wall that protected the city during the revolution.

And now, for some summer destinations. If you know Greece for its sun and beaches, and you want to just relax under an umbrella, here are some islands worth visiting:

Mykonos: If you like partying then Mykonos is the place to go for the Summer, because it’s famous for its club, where people dance and stay up till the early morning hours. During the day you can relax on a beach like Platis Yalos, Paradise, Agari or Elia.

Paros: An island famous for its marble. It has excellent tourist facilities, sandy beaches and classic Greek-style white houses. If you like wind surfing, you can go to the southeastern side of the island, on Golden beach and watch the Professional Windsurfing World Cup.

So, have you made up your mind yet? There are more Greek Holiday Destinations coming up in this series. If, however, you want more info about where to travel in Greece, you can visit this site: Where to travel in Greece.

Greece – The History, the Culture, the Amazing Holiday Destination

Greece Holiday Rentals & Villas

Every year, there are more than 16 million tourists who flock Greece. It is not surprising that the tourism industry is accounting for 15% of this European country’s economy. The nation has been a sought-after attraction for offshore vacationers for its long history, rich culture and glorious Mediterranean beaches and coastlines.

Geographically, Greece is situated in a juncture of Asia, Europe and Africa. Greece was the site of some of the most influential empires in the past, like the Byzantine and the Roman Empires. The country is also known as the birthplace of Western philosophy, democracy, the Olympic Games, political science, scientific principles, drama and historiography.

The country has always been a sought-after vacation destination. However, in the recent years, it lagged behind other European destinations because of undeveloped infrastructure. When the country’s capital, Athens in 2004 hosted the Olympic Games, Greece successfully and aggressively improved its amenities and infrastructure.

Top vacation spots in Greece

Athens is the capital and biggest city in Greece. The city’s recorded history can be traced to as far back as 3,000 years ago, making it among the world’s oldest existing cities. Athens has no doubt been a very popular tourism destination since antiquity. It is home to about 150 theatrical stages, the biggest volume in a single city in all of Europe. It has been a distinct melting point of various architecture types, from Greco-Roman, to Neo-Classical and even modern. Some of the most interesting and historic edifices in Athens are the Athens City Hall, the Greek Parliament, the University of Athens, Zappeion Hall, Old Parliament and Athens Academy. There are plenty of holiday villas in Athens which allow you to go out and see this amazing city.

The city of Thessaloniki is the second biggest city in Greece. The city is the country’s second major industrial, commercial, economic and political hub. For travelers, Thessaloniki is retaining some Jewish and Ottoman structures and even several Byzantine architectural edifices.

Lamia is a central city. It is a site of various archaeological excavations. Vacationers will surely rave about some of the city’s interesting landmarks, which include Platia Parko, Platia Diakos, Platia Laou and Platia Eleftherias or Freedom Square, the site of Lamia’s independence-day parades and a main cathedral. You can enjoy the view at many coffee shops scattered across the city.

Best time of the year to travel to Greece

The months of April to June are the most ideal for vacationers. That is because during these months, ancient sites and beaches are not crowded, the public transport system is operating fully and accommodations are just cheaper and more accessible. July to August are also popular tourism months, but costs can be higher because too many vacationers come.

This was written by Nick hargreaves.

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