How to book a holiday letting in Tilos, Greece

How to book a holiday letting in Tilos, Greece

by Teddy Major

The Greek Islands are of a great interests and diverse cultures, influenced by their location, at the junction between the East and the West and by the many occupations endured by the Greek people throughout history.

Tílos has an inverted ‘S’ shape, is about 14.5 km long, north-west to south-east, with a maximum width of 8 km and an area of about 61 km². The island has a mountainous limestone interior, volcanic lowlands, pumice beds and red lava sand, like its north western neighbour Nisyros. It is well supplied by springs, and is potentially very fertile and productive. Its coasts are generally rocky or pebbled, but there are also a number of sandy beaches.

Tilos is a small Greek island in the Aegean sea, 65km north-west of Rhodes bordering Turkey, and is largely unknown even to most inhabitants of its larger neighbours. It has over a dozen beaches and even in August you may have the sea or sand to yourself. Tilos is a must for any keen rambler with excellent walking opportunities, whether it is an all day climb to the Monastery of St. Pandeleimon or a stroll around Livadia Bay. It is also well known for the honey it produces and there is an annual honey festival on 13th August. If you want a get-away-from-it-all chilled out holiday destination without mass tourism, but with good local food and fantastic scenery, Tilos has it all, as well as an all-night bar in an abandoned village (which really is something to behold). Come and see us soon, you’ll be glad you did!

A jewel of an island, home of Irinna, one of ancient Greece’s female poets. Tilos offers a taste of traditional Greece, ideal for those seeking peace and solitude with many fine walks and isolated beaches.
Sample the many fine tavernas and restaurants in Livadia or bathe in the crystal-clear sea of Livadia bay.

Visit Micro Horio, the abandoned village, by day an ideal place for a picnic, with stunning views over to Turkey, by night a Greek music bar open until the early hours in the high season. Study the exhibition of the remains of the pygmy elephants discovered near Megalo Horio or conversely, just laze on the nearby sandy beach of Eristos.
Tilos, a small island with a warm welcome and a wealth of treasures to offer the visitor.

Many travellers return to Tilos Island time after time to experience her unique friendly atmosphere and breathtaking natural beauty. The mountainous terrain of the island has an abundance of plant and wildlife, and together with the magnificent views, makes this island a haven for walkers and indeed anyone who appreciates nature in general.
There are two villages on the island, supported by a population of around 300. Livadia, the principle port on Tilos, is where our office is located. The island’s capital, Megalo Chorio, some 6km inland, nestles at the foot of a Byzantine castle, with breathtaking views along fertile valleys out to Eristos Bay.

A warm welcome awaits you in the tavernas and cafes of this very special island, where yourselves and the islanders provide entertainment. Considering the island’s history and mythology, her castles, churches and monasteries, deserted villages and lovely beaches, it’s no surprise that visitors on Tilos never mention leaving!

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How to save time booking a holiday rental in Epidavros, Greece


How to save time booking a holiday rental in Epidavros, Greece by Teddy Major

Amidst the blue of the Saronic Gulf, well protected on its own smaller gulf of Epidavros. The scent from the valley`s orange blossoms meets the sea breeze in its picturesque and friendly port, with pine trees descending its slopes to offer their shade to its beautiful beaches.
Ancient Epidavros, traditional yet modern, both tranquil and cosmopolitan, is always ready to welcome travellers whatever the season.
Midway along the east coast of the Argolid district, easy to reach by road via the Corinth Canal or by sea aboard a Flying Dolphin from Piraeus, with its houses spread out amphitheatrically from the sea inland, the little town is built on the site of the ancient city-state of Epidavros. The local church, St. Nicholas, is built on the ruins of the Temple of Hera and nearby is the Sanctuary of Asklepios, the Ancient Theatre that attracts thousands of visitors every day.
Quiet pleasant people, occupied in fishing, tending orange groves and tourism, a mild climate, beautiful surroundings and a sound infrastructure provide the framework for what today`s tourist wants: a pleasant stay, recreation by the sea yet close to greenery, opportunities for all kinds of entertainment and a chance to see the many sights in the area.
The origins of Epidavros are lost in the mists of time Its sheltered location and natural surroundings, the beauty of the landscape and fertility of the soil, attracted not only men but also gods. It was here that Asklepios` most splendid sanctuary was situated. Here yet another important nucleus of ancient Greek civilization was created.
Overlooking the deep blue waters of the Saronic Gulf off the north-eastern coast of Peloponnese, holiday rental accommodation in Epidavros is ideally situated for anyone whose vacation won’t be complete without a good helping of sea and sand to go with the sun that shines virtually all year round in this southern region of Greece – villa and apartment rentals in Epidavros putting you within a convenient distance of a ruggedly beautiful coastline scattered with deserted beaches, and finding yourself nestling in a peaceful valley carpeted in orange groves and pine forests will guarantee the perfect environment in which to spend a truly relaxing holiday. Accommodation in Epidavros can therefore give you the chance to thoroughly investigate the outstanding natural beauty of the Argolis peninsula and enjoy the gentle pace of life in an area that remains one of the least affected by tourism in Peloponnese – apartment and villa rentals in Epidavros being found in many quietly secluded situations, yet never more than a few minutes away from the bustling centre of town for those who want to add a little urban vibrancy to their abundance of rural bliss! And while there is no shortage of history and legend wherever you go in Greece, holiday rental accommodation in Epidavros will let you discover such an incredible wealth of ancient architecture and sites of archaeological and historical interest that you might need longer than a fortnight to cram them all into one vacation!

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How to book a holiday letting in Pelion, Greece

How to book a holiday letting in Pelion, Greece

How to book a holiday letting in Pelion, Greece by Teddy Major

Densely forested and remarkably green, even in the summer, the Pelion peninsula juts south-east into the Aegean Sea, some 200 miles north of Athens. Shaped roughly like a fish hook, it encloses the Pagasitic Gulf on its inside curve and the outer coastline opens onto the Aegean. There are two distinct landscapes. The Gulf side has long, mainly shingle beaches, half hidden at the ends of olive-clad valleys – often with a tiny village along the edge of the beach.

Here, the sea is flat, calm and very warm. As the water is often shallow for some distance from the beach, it is ideal for children. By contrast, the beaches on the Aegean side are sandy, but more rugged in character. For much of the summer, and particularly during August, the Meltemi blows from the east, making ideal conditions for windsurfing and sailing.

The northern end of the peninsula is made up of Mount Pelion itself, a massive hunched mountain of just over 5,400 feet. Its rounded contours are softened by the forests of oak and chestnut which cover its upper slopes, while the olive groves sweep down to the sea, the shimmering silver-green of Athena’s tree set off by the pure, brilliant hues of poplar and plane. Standing out in contrast are the outcrops of slate-coloured limestone, and the occasional houses, either old, grey and perfectly at one with the landscape, or dazzling white in their newness.

Above all, the Pelion peninsula has a lushness which is markedly different from the arid landscape typical of much of Greece. But Pelion is not an entirely new discovery. In antiquity it was famed as the home of the Centaurs, fabulous beasts half-horse and half-man. And trees from the mountain provided the timbers of the Argo, which carried Jason on his quest for the Golden Fleece.

Pelion is a wonderful place for swimming, sunbathing and relaxation. Many of our clients have found it particularly relaxing because it reminds them of the Greece of the sixties and seventies when tourism had just begun to develop and they would get the sense of life going on in tune with nature. Sitting at a restaurant for ages without feeling pushed to leave because somebody else wants your table; women returning home with their goats and stopping to chat to their friends; the irrigation channels flowing early in the morning to water the summer gardens, and many other small aspects of village life that help one to wind down. On the other hand there is a choice of food, entertainment and activities to make the area appealing to those who would like to get out and about…

The peninsula is criss-crossed with cobbled donkey-tracks, until recently the only means of getting from one place to another. These now make perfect routes for walkers and riders If you enjoy walking we will be very happy to give you directions for finding and following the paths near to your accomodation. For those who enjoy horse-back riding there is a well run stables in Arghalasti, and if you are looking for instant relaxation there is massage and Shiatsu available in Milina. Last but not least, motorboats for up to four adults, kayaks and sailing dinghies can be hired, and we can arrange Day Sailing on a skippered yacht.

The mountain villages are fascinating, and there are many marvellous swimming places right off the beaten track. We give further details in our ‘General Information’, but we are happiest discussing the possibilities with you once you have arrived in Pelion.

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How to save time reserving a holiday home in Skopelos, Greece


How to save time reserving a holiday home in Skopelos, Greece by Teddy Major

The Sporades islands consist of four islands (Skopelos, Skiathos, Alonissos and Skyros) that are grouped together near the Euboean Coast of the Aegean Sea. In fact, there are a lot of small islands and rocky outcroppings around the four main islands which number more than 700, of which only 9 are inhabited.

The islands are amongst the greenest areas in the Med with nearly three quarters of their grounds being covered by the Mediterranean pine. Many of the beaches in the Sporades have been awarded the European Blue Flag, which confirm they are amongst the cleanest waters and beaches in Europe. It is also one of the best sailing areas in the Aegean, with many protected coves and many islets to get away from it all!

Undoubtedly one of the greenest of all the Greek Islands, holiday rental accommodation in Skopelos can be found in many peaceful rural locations surrounded by the fragrant, pine-clad countryside that gives this island such a fresh and verdant quality – holiday apartments and villas in Skopelos being highly sought after by those with a love for the great outdoors, particularly when it happens to be steeped in an atmosphere of calm and drenched in the glorious sunshine that is guaranteed virtually all year round in the Greek Islands.

Holiday accommodation in Skopelos might not appeal to you so much if you’d prefer the ambience of a lively, cosmopolitan, coastal resort packed with bars, nightclubs and shopping malls – apartment and villa rentals in Skopelos are more likely to put you in the midst of a traditional fishing village where antique shops and family-run tavernas are about as contemporary as it gets, although you can still find all the modern conveniences you need if you really can’t bear the thought of renting holiday accommodation in Skopelos without having the opportunity to access your emails!

Skopelos remains a corner of unspoilt Greece. You won’t find any English breakfasts or Irish bars here, but what you will find are friendly people, beautiful scenery, an unbelievably blue sea, easily accessible beaches, spectacular bays, good food and a pace of life which lends itself to a totally relaxing holiday.

Most of the beaches on Skopelos shelve gently into the sea, and are a mixture of sand, shingle and pebbles, with the sandiest beaches being at Limnonari and Agios Yiannis. Panormos beach has all white pebbles and is edged by tavernas from which to admire the beautiful bay. There are also many sandy coves around the island which are accessible only by boat, a perfect way to get a beach all to yourself.

What makes villas on the Greek islands and mainland different from more mainstream areas is that they are mostly one-off houses, often on the edge of small villages or even out in the wilds, rather than the large scale developments and complexes found elsewhere. The positive side of this is that it’s easy to find an interesting house that puts you in touch with local life and the whole Greek experience. The downside is that you probably won’t get the swimming pools, tennis courts and golf courses taken for granted in other big tourist destinations.

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How to reserve a self catering in Aegina, Greece

How to reserve a self catering in Aegina, Greece

How to reserve a self catering in Aegina, Greece by Teddy Major

Aegina Island is one of the closest of the Saronic Islands to Athens, offering a wonderful island lifestyle and atmosphere, yet close enough to the main land to be able to enjoy some wonderful day trips to Athens or the Peloponnese. Aegina Island is a wonderful destination for the discerning traveller looking for a private holiday rental, as the island has been mercifully ignored by the mass tourism crowds, leaving Aegina to continue as a genuine and traditional Greek island.

Located on one of the Saronic Islands, holiday rental accommodation in Aegina means that you’ll be in the ideal situation for planning day trips to the magnificent city of Athens on the Peloponnese mainland and a thorough investigation of many other nearby Greek Islands – villa and apartment rentals in Aegina therefore providing the opportunity for a truly comprehensive experience of the incredible natural, cultural and historical diversity that attracts so many visitors each year to this fascinating area of Greece. Holiday accommodation on the Saronic Islands will never be far from the nearest beach for those whose list of vacation requirements begins with ‘sun, sea and sand’, although these are something that you couldn’t possibly avoid if you chose an apartment or villa rental in Aegina where everything you could need will be within easy reach, from the local shops and tavernas to some exciting examples of architectural heritage and sites crammed with ancient Greek history, like the Temple of Aphaia, the Agios Nektarios Monastery and Palaia Chora. When you arrive at Athens airport and then catch a ferry from the Port of Piraeus, you’ll be so glad you decided to book your Greek Island holiday accommodation in Aegina as there is no finer way to capture the sheer magic and mystery of this charismatic part of Greece than to arrive at your destination by way of the sparkling blue Aegean Sea.

If you have arrived at Aegina accommodation for the beaches, swimming and sailing, you will not be disappointed. There are a great number of sandy beaches around the island, washed by the crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea. You can choose between relaxing on a completely deserted beach or relaxing on a sun-lounger with waiters bringing you iced cocktails. Scuba diving is one of the most spectacular activities to enjoy from an Aegina Island villa, but there are many water sports you can try.

Aegina Island is a favourite destination on sailing holidays in the Saronic Islands. There are a number of little harbours around the island, perfect for mooring and going for a relaxing evening meal in one of the tavernas, bars of cafes along the shore. The villages of Perdika and Aegina are particular favourites due to their idyllic, sheltered ports. Boat charter is very easy from a seaside villa in Aegina Island.

Aegina is home to some absolutely remarkable historic sites. The Afea Athena Sanctuary is set among absolutely breathtaking scenery, with a huge temple standing proudly in the centre. The Afea Sanctuary should not be missed by anyone on holiday in Aegina accommodation. The imposing Agios Nektarios Monastery should not be missed either.

The summer months in Aegina are blissfully hot, with temperatures reaching well into the mid-30’s (˚C) during the days. Visitors are encouraged to come to during the spring and autumn too, as the weather is still very warm, but cool enough to be able to enjoy the sightseeing, walking and water sports available.

You can reach a holiday rental on Aegina Island very easily from the UK. There are frequent ‘Flying Dolphin’ ferries from Athens’ Piraeus Port, taking just 40 minutes. There are regular flights to Athens International Airport (ATH) from across the UK, provided by a great range of airlines.

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