Car Hire In Greece – Car Rental Guide For Greek Holidays

Two thousand islands and more than three thousand years of history is awaiting for you in Greece. Being such a popular destination with historic, natural and cultural heritage, it is impossible to cruise around the country relying on public transport, specially, if limited by time.

Car hire in Greece is one of more popular choices among international visitors and therefore the saying: first come, first served is definitely true. Here are some tips how to get most of car rental in Greece.

Plan ahead of time. Cannot emphasize enough the importance of early booking when it comes to car hire in Greece. Despite the abundance of car rental companies in all major cities like Athens, Patras, Thessaloniki, Kefalonia as well as local providers on islands have limited amount of cars. High demand in July and August is a good reason to book before arrival online at least few months before. Booking will take five minutes of your time and a small down payment will be charged from credit card after the vehicle gets confirmed.

Some holidaymakers would like to have a short visit to neighbouring countries like Macedonia or Turkey. Unfortunately this is not possible by utilising car hire. Strict insurance regulations make it impossible for taking the rented car out of Greece. Arrange ground public transport in this case.

For island hopping by car only few companies will allow taking vehicles on ferries. In this case It is better to rent a vehicle on the islands than on mainland of Greece.

Nina M. is a lifestyle editor who spends most of the year flying. She shares tips and tricks to help you get the most mileage for your cash when it comes to getting a car hire inGreece. Save time and money by learning from her experiences on car hire in Greece.

Greece Hotels — Booking through a Greek Travel Agent

The Hotel Industry in Greece is well developed and can offer a variety of accommodations for all types of the Tourists. It is always better to plan your trip in advance and make advance booking for your entire stay. At times it will become difficult to get accommodation and you will be made to accept what is available rather than taking what you want.

For booking Hotels in Greece it is always better to entrust the Work to one of the Travel Agents in Greece who do a nice job in helping you locate the Hotels and other facilities as per your expectations and then book them in advance for you and hand over the confirmation even before you start from your place. The Greek Travel Agent will offer you a better price than if you book the Hotel directly.

For booking the Hotels in Greece it is always better to go to a Travel Agent in Greece because the Agency can help you reach your Hotel at the correct time as they can make all the connecting Ferry and other modes of Travel so that you arrive at your Hotel at the booked time. On the other hand if you do the booking by your self directly and if you happen to not able to get the connecting boat or Ferry that takes you to your booked Hotel at the booked time you are unable to use the room you have reserved and paid for, and you need a Room for the night on the Island you are delayed on. All these situations are difficult to deal with by yourself.

A local Travel Agent can come and help you at anytime in case of a need and he can better deal the situation well rather than an Agent in a foreign Country. A Greek travel agent always has working relationship with the Hotels and can solve any problems before they start. By any chance if you are stranded on an Island far from your Hotel that has been booked for you, you have the option of always calling your Greek Travel Agent and asking him to help you to reach your Hotel which he can do as he is locally available and can be of help to you at short notice.

This makes engaging a Greek Agency rather then your local agent a prudent decision. In case of necessity your Greek Agent alone will be able to help you faster even in circumstances where your foreign Agents cannot do a thing and leave you fend for yourself.

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Operating A Clothing Business In Greece: A Study Of The Greek Apparel Market

Greece is situated geographically in the southeastern section of Europe. While it borders Turkey, and is relatively close to the Middle East, its population of over 11,000,000 people consider themselves European.

This strategically placed country is a member of NATO, and has traditionally aligned itself with Western interests, maintaining political and economic relationships with Turkey and the Middle East.

While the country is currently struggling with economic issues that threaten the wellbeing of its financial system, Greece has traditionally had a highly sophisticated and affluent population. As a consequence of a cash based economy, under reporting of earnings has been a major issue. Recent austerity measures accompanied by aggressive tax reforms are expected to salvage the solvency of the government.

Greek citizens have displayed an affinity for American and European brand name clothing, with high end labels such as Polo Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, and Adidas are especially sought after. The domestic interest for internationally recognized brands is heavily influenced by the clothing worn by entertainment and sport’s personalities. Competition exists in terms of non branded apparel imported from China and used clothing, although the brand new-brand name category is supplanting these categories.

The clothing market in Greece is segmented according to regions and age groups. The coastal areas have a strong demand for sport apparel, such as soccer shorts, premium t-shirts, and swimwear. Urban areas require dress wear such as dress pants, dress shirts, and elegant wear. The clothing market can be further segmented according to subdivisions based on age and occupation.

Greek retailers also have the opportunity to sell clothing to tourists, who frequent its many beaches and historical landmarks. Many tourists from Turkey and the Middle East shop in Greece for American and European clothing brands that are otherwise not available in their home countries. A clothing shop owner can attract tourists by advertising in publications that are distributed in hotel lobbies, and by taking out ads in airline magazines.

In respect to domestic shoppers, their buying power is among the highest in Europe, with an average salary $30,000. This salary level allows Greek consumers to enjoy a strong level of discretionary income which can be applied towards apparel purchases. While its population is evenly divided by age, there is a shift in the graph towards young people, which means that the opportunity in serving the youth market is quite large. Currently an estimated 15 percent of Greek citizens range in ages from newborn to teenagers, clearly demonstrating the future demand of this category in the clothing market.

American businesses looking to enter the Greek market for clothes can utilize the services offered by the Greece Chamber Of Commerce, the Hellenic American Chamber Of Commerce, the Greek-American Chamber Of Commerce, and the US Commercial Service, which is located at the US Embassy in Athens.

There are many businesses organizations set up to expand trade between specific countries and regions, such as the British Hellenic Chamber Of Commerce and the Arab Greek Chamber Of Commerce.

A foreign business seeking to operate in Greece should always consult with its respective embassy to be properly directed toward the Greek government agencies that regulate the domestic clothing market.

Donny Lowy owns, a wholesale export company that specializes in brand name designer clothing, handbags, and shoes for the European market, including Greece. His warehouse is located in Brooklyn, NY. Donny can be reached directly at 718-389-5502, or through his web site:

Holidays in Greece – Greek Holiday Destinations You Should Know About

Holidays in Greece are something lots of people have dreamt about. I suspect you are that kind of person, because even if you’ve been there, you always want to go back for some more…

Normally, you would think that Greece should be visited only during summer. This, however, is totally wrong. Greece is not all about islands and beaches. Greece has great cultural heritage as well. Ancient Greece was where western civilization began, as you may have heard, about 3000 years ago. Remnants of this civilization are evident today practically all over Greek territory, but some sites are more famous than others. Here are some famous Historical Greek Holiday Destinations:

Athens: A city that became very rich and powerful about 5th century BC. All the wealth and power was demonstrated with a building complex on a rock, dedicated to the Gods. This is how Parthenon was built along with other Temples on the Acropolis. Every year, thousands of people visit Greece for this reason only: To admire one of the greatest temples ever made.
Ancient Olympia: This is where the Olympic Games took place during ancient times. Every 4 years, any warfare had to stop and each city sent athletes to compete. Their trophy? An olive tree branch…

Greek mainland is not a dull place for vacation either. Because of the mountainous territory (about 79% of the Greek land is consisted of mountains), Greek landscapes are here to amaze you throughout the year, even in winter! There are plenty of Greek Holiday destinations that are highly recommended to be visited during winter. Here are some of them.

Zagoria: A group of small villages connected with twisted roads and stone bridges. This is a place for those who just love great landscapes…. such a great place for trekking. This area is consisted of high mountains, endless rivers and rich flora. You will be wonder-struck when you see that every building is made of stone and in great style.
Arachova: A small town located in central Greece is a well known place because of the ski center of Parnassos, the best organized ski center of the country. Definitely an ideal destination for those who love winter holidays

Now, you may have changed your idea a little bit about Holidays in Greece in winter. However, I know that some of you may just be interested in the hottest places to be at during summertime. Holidays in Greece are so famous because of the sun anyway. So, here are two of the finest summer’s Greek Holiday Destinations:

Santorini: Known for its amazing landscape, its black-rock beaches and its white-blue houses. This place is plainly unique in the world. If it’s not in your “must-visit-once-in-my-lifetime” list you have certainly got to put it…
Rhodes: An island that has nearly everything. Ancient Castles, sandy beaches, water sports and great nightlife. Also famous for its Colossus, a statue placed on the entry of the harbor, it is one of the most popular destinations in whole Europe.

As you may suspect, there are many more Greek holiday Destinations that I should also include here. Don’t worry though; there is a much fuller guide at Where to travel in Greece.

Greek Time in Athens Greece

Greek time is two hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time, an hour ahead of Central European Time and seven hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time. So when in Greece the time is midnight, midnight in London the time will be 10:00 PM in New York it will be 5:00 PM and in Paris it will be 11:00 PM.

Another example of the time differences would be, when it’s 3:00 PM in Athens it will be 8:00 am in Montreal, 5:00 AM in Vancouver, and midnight in Sydney Australia. Along with the rest of continental Europe, the clock is advanced one hour during summer – from the end of March to the end of September- almost a month earlier than the UK, the US, and Canada. Therefore keep in mind that the time difference with these countries is one hour greater for some weeks in April and October.

If you want to find out what is the exact time when traveling in Athens Greece call 141 recorded message in Greek though will tell you the exact time.

If someone has problems with jetlag when traveling to Greece the best way to deal with this is when you arrive in Athens Greece. Try not to sleep in the middle of the day or odd hours in your Athen’s rooms apartments or hotels . Sleep the regular hours of the country you are visiting and you will adjust after a day or so and enjoy your vacation.


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Holidays in Greece – Greek Holiday Destinations You Should Know About (Part 2)

Have you ever traveled to Greece? If you have read my previous article about Greek holiday destinations, you will have probably realized by now that you can visit Greece even in winter, and have a great time too. Greece has so many holiday destinations that you will find it’s hard to decide where to go. This is due to the variety of the landscape which is consisted of High Rocky Mountains, rich forests and sandy beaches. So, it doesn’t really matter when you will decide to travel. There is a type of Destination for each season of the Year.

So, how about some winter holiday destinations? Adding to the previous article’s two, Zagoria and Arachova here are some more:

Ioannina: A small city built next to a lake, not far away from the villages of Zagoria. You will be pleased to find out that the lake has a small island, which thousands of tourists visit every year. On the island you can visit a museum built in a cell of a monastery!!

Metsovo: This is an area near Ioannina, ideal for trecking. The site, like Zagoria is consisted of mountains, valleys and rivers, and the village’s houses are made of stone. The most visited sights are churches, old houses and monasteries. If you want a peacefull and calm holiday, this is a place you must go to.

If you plan to travel in autumn or spring instead, the best advice is to visit some of the cultural marvels of Greece, located in the Greek mainland.

Delphi: This is where the most famous Oracle of ancient Greece was cited. It was said that Zeus unleashed two eagles, one from the west, and another from the east edge of the world. They met in Delphi, and that’s why ancient Greeks believed that was the center of the world. There are some remnants of Apollo’s temple on the site, consisted of five pillars.

Messolonghi: A small town on the west side of Greece. It is known for its contribution to the Greek revolution in 1825 and 1826. There are numerous monuments and statues of the Greek revolution’s heroes, as well as remnants of the wall that protected the city during the revolution.

And now, for some summer destinations. If you know Greece for its sun and beaches, and you want to just relax under an umbrella, here are some islands worth visiting:

Mykonos: If you like partying then Mykonos is the place to go for the Summer, because it’s famous for its club, where people dance and stay up till the early morning hours. During the day you can relax on a beach like Platis Yalos, Paradise, Agari or Elia.

Paros: An island famous for its marble. It has excellent tourist facilities, sandy beaches and classic Greek-style white houses. If you like wind surfing, you can go to the southeastern side of the island, on Golden beach and watch the Professional Windsurfing World Cup.

So, have you made up your mind yet? There are more Greek Holiday Destinations coming up in this series. If, however, you want more info about where to travel in Greece, you can visit this site: Where to travel in Greece.

Corfu Island, A Greek Island In Greece

The Greek god of the sea, Poseidon, fell in love with

the beautiful nymph, Korkyra. As gods often did, he

simply kidnapped a bride, and whisked her off to an

unnamed island where they enjoyed a time of marital

bliss. Poseidon was so enamored of his lovely wife;

he offered to name the island for her – Korkyra, which

is now better known as Corfu Island Greece.

And this is Corfu island – a romance between beauty and

power, intimately tied to the water. The island’s

position between the mainland of Greece and Western

Europe has made it a perfect geographic stepping

stone, as well as a target for the Persians,

Sicilians, Romans, Venetians, Turks, French, and

British. In 1864, Corfu Island was finally ceded to Greece,

in accordance with the Corfiots most ardent wishes.

The history of ongoing battles and conquests can still

be deciphered today. It is seen in the two castles

enclosing the main city of Corfu Greece, still called Kerkyra Greece

by the Greeks.

The more commonly known name, Corfu, comes from the

Italian corruption of the word koryphai, which means

crests. Again, this refers to the site of the two fortresses.

Corfu Greece is an Ionian Island, a 60 km long sickle shaped

formation with its hollowed side looking toward

Albania. The island is separated from Albania by

straits varying from 3 to 23 km across. This

protected side, on the inside of the curve, is home to

the town and harbor of Corfu. The Ionian University in Greece

is also located here.

Two high, well defined mountain ranges divide this Greek

island into three parts. In the north it is

mountainous. The less-steep central portion rolls

into the third area, the low lying southlands. The

interior has traditionally been quiet with not much

tourism. These are the agricultural lands, away from

the rocky coasts, the salt water and the pirates.

Corfu boats 217 km of coastline.

This island is steeped in history. Homer mentioned

it, naming the fruits grown here – olive, oil olive,

pear, pomegranate, apple, fig and vine (grapes).

Although pears and apples are not grown here much any

more, all the other fruits prized by Homer still

thrive on Corfu island.

Corfu Greece has long been an important port of call, the

source for olive oil. The island’s port city terminates in a

Venetian citadel, cut off from the rest of the city by

a natural gully that functions much like a marina.

The old city, with the fortifications, offers a

labyrinth of narrow, cobbled streets, many too narrow

for any kind of vehicular traffic. Modern residents

keep these streets bright and sparkling.

In World War II, Corfu Greece was bombed by German aircraft,

destroying most of the buildings on the island of Corfu. Visitors can still find remains of a temple built to honor Poseidon,

numerous monasteries, and a German palace.

But Corfu island, protected by St. Spyridon survives. St.

Spyridon expelled the plague in medieval times. St.

Spyridon appeared to Turks besieging Corfu, causing a

panic and saving the city. Corfu island survives and

thrives, and every August 11 they celebrate their

patron saint’s feast day.

Here are also a couple of more travel tips which can help you out while visiting Greece

by S Pappas

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Greek Travel Travelling in Athens Greece, Free Travel Tips, Electric Outlets in Rooms and Apartment

What should one consider while travelling in Athens, Greece? Among them you should pay special attention to the electric current, especially if coming from the States or Canada. The standard in Greece is 220-230V AC (50Hz). Appliances from North America require a transformer and British ones an adaptor.

Remember: Adaptor plugs do not convert electricity.

We recommend that you pack an adapter or transformer depending on your needs together with your electrical appliances, so that you do not have to spend valuable time looking for adaptors and transformers during your stay in Athens Greece.

Please note: from my experience laptops do not require a transformer. Well at least my laptop works well in Canada and Greece.

Many electrical appliances have a transformer that allows them to adjust to different voltage, and some must be switched manually from 120V to 220V electricity. The power is the same all over Greece in the main land as well as in the Greek islands. Power fluctuations however may cause some problems especially in the islands and this might happen during the peak of tourist season.

One more thing, remember water and 220V electricity don’t mix. So if you are in an apartment or room in Athens or Greece, while on vacation after you have a shower don’t go with wet hands to dry you hair with the hair dryer or take a shave with your new electric shaver.

Remember if you rent rooms or apartments in Athens Greece don’t plug just anything in the power outlets. A mistake can ruin you vacation.


by S Pappas
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Real Estate In Greece And Greek Property Investment

Recently, the Real Estate services in Greece are very well improved. Many agents are trying to organize the Greek property so as their clients to invest their money to property that really worths. Greece is a blessed country as far as the property is concerned. Beautiful beaches, unique islands, peaceful mountains with rich winter and summer tourism. Many tourists who visit Greece decide to buy real estate and spend more time to this country.

A developing country which is also a part of the European Union couldn’t be away from the Real Estate market. Real Estate offices pop up in order to support the market and help the potential buyers to make the best choice for them. Property to islands and in the inner country as well is preferred and Greek people see more foreigns to visit Greece and also to become their neighbors.

One of the important developments that are recorded in a lot of regions of Greece is the entry of Russians in the market. Corfu, Crete, places of Cyclades and Skiathos are certain examples of intense purchasing or even investment interest from Russia. It is characteristic that these buyers move among expensive choices, concerning the purchase of residence or the purchase of ground.

The market of Real Estate is found in the first line of interest, but there are cases what is asked is not available. The acquisition of large areas near by the sea constitutes the pick for what is asked from the investors and fortunatelly Greece has many beaches and islands. Constructional groups and so on are what big constructing companies tend to develop so as the market to be sufficient. Shortly, these investments will mature with the growth of settlements that will be directed for the abroad market. Thus, it is expected that the following years the physiognomy to be perceptibly diffirent, but also the dynamic of purchase of rural residence in Greece.

The constructing companies have already made big plans for many places around the Greece. Investors coming from many places of Europe and other countries have visited the constructing companies and relative services so as to search for profitable real estate. They can see that day after day people search for property in Greece where they can spend their vacations or even they can see it when the third age people look for other places where they can live after their retirement.

So, whether you are looking for a beach villa on one of the stunning Greek islands, or a traditional mansion in the mountains, Greece property has listings for a huge selection of different property and real estate to suit the desires and requirements of everyone. Fortunately, the market is quite big and the prices are in a low level up to now and for this there is a great number of potential buyers.

If you are looking for a specific property of piece of real estate in Greece, you are more than welcomed because probably you will not be disappointed. A large portfolio of properties is available to the most agents for the investors, which gives them the possibility to find the right property according to their demands and requirements, with absolute confidence and professional responsibility that successfully Greek agents provide. If you sometime visit respectively international exhibitions you may come up to Greek representations where many Greek property agents participate so as to give the potential buyer the opportunity to meet with Greek real estate, get better acquainted with the services and above all to feel a bit of Greece as the home seeker or investor must feel and get a taste of home prior to making Greece her or his home.

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