How to book a holiday letting in Pelion, Greece


How to book a holiday letting in Pelion, Greece by Teddy Major

Densely forested and remarkably green, even in the summer, the Pelion peninsula juts south-east into the Aegean Sea, some 200 miles north of Athens. Shaped roughly like a fish hook, it encloses the Pagasitic Gulf on its inside curve and the outer coastline opens onto the Aegean. There are two distinct landscapes. The Gulf side has long, mainly shingle beaches, half hidden at the ends of olive-clad valleys – often with a tiny village along the edge of the beach.

Here, the sea is flat, calm and very warm. As the water is often shallow for some distance from the beach, it is ideal for children. By contrast, the beaches on the Aegean side are sandy, but more rugged in character. For much of the summer, and particularly during August, the Meltemi blows from the east, making ideal conditions for windsurfing and sailing.

The northern end of the peninsula is made up of Mount Pelion itself, a massive hunched mountain of just over 5,400 feet. Its rounded contours are softened by the forests of oak and chestnut which cover its upper slopes, while the olive groves sweep down to the sea, the shimmering silver-green of Athena’s tree set off by the pure, brilliant hues of poplar and plane. Standing out in contrast are the outcrops of slate-coloured limestone, and the occasional houses, either old, grey and perfectly at one with the landscape, or dazzling white in their newness.

Above all, the Pelion peninsula has a lushness which is markedly different from the arid landscape typical of much of Greece. But Pelion is not an entirely new discovery. In antiquity it was famed as the home of the Centaurs, fabulous beasts half-horse and half-man. And trees from the mountain provided the timbers of the Argo, which carried Jason on his quest for the Golden Fleece.

Pelion is a wonderful place for swimming, sunbathing and relaxation. Many of our clients have found it particularly relaxing because it reminds them of the Greece of the sixties and seventies when tourism had just begun to develop and they would get the sense of life going on in tune with nature. Sitting at a restaurant for ages without feeling pushed to leave because somebody else wants your table; women returning home with their goats and stopping to chat to their friends; the irrigation channels flowing early in the morning to water the summer gardens, and many other small aspects of village life that help one to wind down. On the other hand there is a choice of food, entertainment and activities to make the area appealing to those who would like to get out and about…

The peninsula is criss-crossed with cobbled donkey-tracks, until recently the only means of getting from one place to another. These now make perfect routes for walkers and riders If you enjoy walking we will be very happy to give you directions for finding and following the paths near to your accomodation. For those who enjoy horse-back riding there is a well run stables in Arghalasti, and if you are looking for instant relaxation there is massage and Shiatsu available in Milina. Last but not least, motorboats for up to four adults, kayaks and sailing dinghies can be hired, and we can arrange Day Sailing on a skippered yacht.

The mountain villages are fascinating, and there are many marvellous swimming places right off the beaten track. We give further details in our ‘General Information’, but we are happiest discussing the possibilities with you once you have arrived in Pelion.

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The Captivating Greece

The Captivating Greece

The Captivating Greece by Angilina Christ

Greece is land of culture and density, a land of literature, mythology. Greece has everything in it, a world within a world. Greece is much more than we were taught at school and than we have seen in the photos with beautiful sunsets and golden sandy beaches. In Greece, you are in a crossroad of colors and cultures; you feel the strength of History and the warmth of the southern extremity of Europe and you discover the evolutionary course of thought, influence and experience.
Athens is the capital and largest city of Greece. Athens dominates the Attica periphery and it is one of the world oldest cities, as its recorded history spans around 3,400 years. Classical Athens was a powerful city state. A center for the arts, learning and philosophy.
Greece is a place of romanticism – a diverse culture of art, drama, ancient legends, music, and literature. Greece has every thing in it, be it anything, you name it and you have it, it is filled with every quality, every culture. The best place for literature person, a true destination for a socialite, the best master piece destination for an imaginative artist. If you are going for a holiday in Greece, then please pack your back with 15 days personal belongings, well that will not be enough for you, because after staying their, you won’t feel like coming back. It is the most beautiful and the most heart excruciating place in the earth. You yourself want to get lost there.
The most romantic and cuddling place on earth. The best season to enjoy is spring and autumn, as Greece has Mediterranean climate that is hot summers, and chilling winters. So tourists, pack your back at the blooming spring, and at the chill spice autumn. Greece has vast, versatile land sphere, and beautiful hydrosphere, that is land and water.
The tranquil calm water of Greece is so excellent to see, very overwhelming very voluptuous. You really feel like getting lost in that turquoise horizon touching water. There are many yachts, which you will find there, as Greece is also famous for its Yacht Charter Greece, they are very adventurous, and takes you around the every corner island of Greece.
Greece has many beaches, they are uncountable, and unmeasurable, because they are so attractive. Each and every beach is different from the other one, you can take into service a yacht to see the enormous quite water of Greece that is Yacht Charter Greece. A perfect, mind blowing, soothing paradise in Greece, it is the heaven on earth. You go with family or with your friends or a couple is going just take one thing in mind, it is hard to return back from Greece, it hypnotizes you in its beauty. It integrals you in its crystal environment.
With awesome, and never ending night life, great lifestyle, gracious sunrise, breathe taking sunset. Music on the sea shore side and a glass of red wine makes the perfect day in Greece. Yes, Greece – is a delight on earth especially on its Yachtcharter Griechenland.

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How to book your summer holiday to Lesvos, Greece

How to book your summer holiday to Lesvos, Greece

How to book your summer holiday to Lesvos, Greece by Teddy Major

The island of Lesvos is a beautifully unspoilt Aegean Island of Greece, covered with forested mountains and lined with stunning cove beaches along the rocky, wild coastline. This is an island where you can genuinely get away from it all and enjoy the peace, have a sporting adventure or simply relax on the beach with the sun on your face. The warm hospitality and ancient historical monuments which adorn the island have helped keep flights to Lesvos full and self catering holiday homes in high demand too. Lesvos is the third largest of the Greek islands, but has yet to be swamped with mass tourism, giving it a genuine, and very attractive culture, with village life remaining very much as it has been for centuries.

On the third largest of all the Greek Islands, holiday rental accommodation can be found in such a fabulous variety of different locations that you might need to plan a few return visits before you can really find your ideal location for an apartment or villa rental. In Lesvos, holiday accommodation is popular with people of all ages and interests eager to experience a destination that is renowned for its abundance of outstanding natural diversity and an indescribable atmosphere that reflects the kind of history and legend that makes this arguably the most fascinating and best-loved of all the Aegean Islands, holiday villas in Lesvos therefore making the ideal base from where the whole family can find plenty to see and do on a unique island that is just as likely to appeal to anyone with a passion for nature and the great outdoors as those who want nothing more than to be in the perfect environment to investigate the rich cultural heritage of the Greek Islands. Holiday accommodation here will put you in a situation that is never far from a stunning beach and often within walking distance of the nearest stretch of blissful sun-drenched sand, which is a good enough reason why many people choose a villa or apartment rental in Lesvos year after year!

Around the shores of Lesvos, Greece, are a huge range of beach types. The coastline is rugged and rocky, with inlets and coves covered in a range of dine sand, pebbles and rocks. Regardless of where exactly you take a self catering holiday home, apartment or villa, you will never be far from the beach. Lesvos beach holidays are absolutely magnificent, not only due to your idyllic surroundings, but also due to the perfect climate and the clear warm and unbelievably blue waters of the Mediterranean, which allows swimming and a whole host of water sports to be enjoyed for a huge portion of the year. Snorkelling and scuba diving holidays particularly thrive from holiday apartments.

The inland areas of the island are a haven for lovers of the great outdoors. Known for its varied species of flora and fauna, apartments are in high demand with walkers wanting to explore the pine-covered mountains, barren volcanic landscapes and coastal scenery. Lesvos is a hotspot for many bird species, and birding is a hugely popular activity. The flatlands on the southern tip are particularly good for birding, as there are many rare species of migratory bird which call Lesvos home for large parts of the year. There are an unlimited number of routes and paths through the island’s countryside, and the routes in the southwest of Lesvos, taking you through the marvellous Petrified Forest are among those not to be missed from a self catering holiday rental villa. The hot-springs which hide throughout the interior of the island make walking extra special, as you can happily strip off and relax in the naturally energising waters as you discover them, returning to your self catering apartment, villa or holiday home with a renewed sense of vigour.

Lesvos has a long and fascinating history. Throughout the landscape are a huge number of statues, fortresses, shrines, ancient water mills and mountain chapels to discover. There are two excellent archaeological museums, a folk museum and the museum of Traditional Arts and Crafts in Mytilini from which to get an idea of the history and culture of Lesvos before heading into the country to discover the monuments for yourself.

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