Greece and relocation of migrants

Greece on the internet

Greece has a very serious problem,the relocation of migrants.
GREECE has pleaded with the European Union to speed up the relocation of migrants and refugees to other member states.
Unfortunately Greek migrant crisis is not ending.The worst part is people,refugees and children losing their lives as they try to reach Greece and travel to another country for a better future.

There should not be more delays and Greece with the immediate help of European Union should support as much as possible refugees and migrants.

Greece bans blood donations

Greece bans blood donations in 12 districts over malaria – reports.It is an unpleasant event as giving blood is a gift to save human lives.
According to the source the 12 districts affected are Farkadona, Trikala, Palamas, Tempe, Achaean and Thebes (central Greece); Evrotas and Andravida-Kyllini (Peloponnesus); Chalcis (Euboea); Marathon (Attica); and Lagada and Pylaia (Thessaloniki region).
It is pitty that Greece has this ban but overall health procedures must be kept to highest standards.

Greece is perfect in the summer,if only these mosquitos were totally absent.