Greece and capital controls a sad story

Greece and capital controls

Greece still has a sad story, capital controls.These capital controls have put Greek economy into another deper recession as public and private spending is limited.But there is a lso another sad story about capital controls in Greece.

Greek capital controls puts Athens zoo animals at risk of starvation

A story we read on reuters.

This is so sad.

Greece is totally safe for tourism

Greece is totally safe for tourism

Greece may be in a recession and have severe financial problems and not great growth prospects for now but on the other hand it is a great travel destination.And yes Greece is totally safe for tourism.

There is no violence and tourists are totally safe.So come and visit Greece and famous Greek islands you know Mykonos,Santorini,Crete,Paros,Rhodes etc.

Enjoy Greece during summer.It is great.

H Ελλάδα σε φωτιές σήμερα

H Ελλάδα σε φωτιές σήμερα.Άντε πάλι κάθε καλοκαίρι μία από τα ίδια.Γιατί?Η βλακεία δεν πληρώνεται ούτε φορολογείται δυστυχώς.

Greece escaped Grexit

Greece escaped Grexit good news

Greece now faces today new harsh austerity measures which must be voted by the Greek parliament.Lets hope the best for this country.