Persephone: A Story from Greece

From “Animated Tales of the World” a Greek Myth Story: Persephone “Only then will I make the plants blossom again. It will seem like a miracle and everything on earth: People, Animals, Birds will know that my Persephone has returned. And until then, the wind will blow and I shall cover the Earth…in Snow” – Demeter: Goddess of the Earth, Agriculture, Harvest, and Forests.

George carlin talking about propaganda and manipulation
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The Jewish Museum of Greece

Short interesting video about the JMG
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WASHINGTON, February 24—On America Live, Megyn Kelly aired a segment on a chart released by Ranking Member Jeff Sessions (R-AL) and the Senate Budget Committee minority, revealing that, at 215 for every person in the United States, America’s per capita government debt is worse than even Greece. Click here to see the chart:
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How to reserve a self catering on Tinos, Greece

How to reserve a self catering on Tinos, Greece

by Teddy Major

For many people the ideal getaway is a vacation on a hot sunny island and Tinos in the Aegean Sea is a great choice. This delightful Greek island has many interesting things for holidaymakers to see and do. Here visitors will find numerous different places to stay including self catering accommodation, villas, apartments, BandBs and campsites.
One of the largest of the Cyclades group of Greek Islands, holiday rental accommodation in Tinos is also one of the most naturally beautiful, attracting many lovers of nature from across the world to its breathtaking mountain landscapes and unspoilt coastal environments. An important destination for pilgrims travelling from all areas of Greece, apartment and villa rentals in Tinos also prove a popular base for those hoping to spend a peaceful experience in what is thought to be the most important place of religious worship in the country, although you’ll only need to wander through the countryside that surrounds your holiday accommodation in Tinos to discover a sense of tranquility that is perfect for relaxation, reflection and contemplation. While many people simply love the laid-back attitudes that exists on any Greek Island, villa and apartment rentals in Tinos would suit those wanting to swop a hectic urban routine for a small slice of life in the real Greece, particularly when there are enough traditional rural towns and villages scattered across Tinos for you to enjoy a big helping of this island’s fascinating cultural heritage without having to travel far from your holiday accommodation in Tinos – that is if you can bear to tear yourself away from the nearest sun-drenched beach to start with!
Tinos has some beautiful sandy beaches making them ideal destinations for sunbathing. The waters of the Aegean Sea are wonderfully blue and perfectly safe for adults and children to swim in. Sea fishing is popular in the summer season with boats available to charter from several coastal villages. Many watersports are offered here too including scuba diving, waterskiing, sailing and windsurfing. Tourists can also have fun taking a ride on a banana boat or take a boat trip around the island. Holidaymakers will find some interesting hiking trails on the island taking them through pretty villages and green landscape. Some paths climb to high spots offering wonderful views. There are a number of Greek taverns, bars, cafes and restaurants in Tinos, which serve mainly traditional Greek fare and plenty of fish dishes. Self catering holidaymakers will be able to purchase food and beverages from some village shops and markets. Tourists can buy many different gifts and souvenirs.
Summers in Chios are warm and dry with the average high temperature in July and August about 28 degrees centigrade, but even June and September see an average high of 26 centigrade. There is hardly any rain between June and September. December and January can see an average of 12 rainy days each, but the temperatures in the winter rarely drop into single figures.
The nearest airport is located on the island of Mykonos, from where holidaymakers can take a 40 minute ferry ride to Tinos. Mykonos Island National Airport (JMK) has flights to and from Athens all year round as well as seasonal flights from Amsterdam (AMS), Brussels (BRU), Cologne/Bonn (CGN), London-Gatwick (LGW), Paris-Orly (ORY), Rome-Fiumicino (FCO), Vienna (VIE) and Zurich (ZRH). On arrival at Tinos visitors can hire a car or moped from one of the rental firms located in Tinos Town.

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Yacht chartering in Greece: Opting a yacht


Yacht chartering in Greece: Opting a yacht by Roger Lopez

Greece is a great destination for a vacation where you sail off into the sea in a yacht and enjoy the serene environment in the company of your loved ones. The astonishing beauty that the Greek archipelago offers cannot be better explored than by hiring the European country’s Greece charter yacht. The pleasant weather also adds to the experience while you sail from one island to another to discover everything that has to be.
Tourists who come to spend their vacation and Yachtcharter Griechenland must ideally decide prior to the process of going through chartering vessels whether they would rent a bareboat or a crewed yacht. If the renters or anyone from his group is qualified enough to operate a yacht, then a bareboat charter may be rented. Indeed, a bareboat charter is far better than a crewed yacht as one would be having enough freedom to plan one’s itinerary. But, for renting a bareboat, it is essential that the assigned skipper produces a signed affidavit or a certificate to the Port Authorities of Greece that proves his ability to steer the vessel.
In case, there is none to operate a bareboat, opting a crewed yacht is also preferable. Crewed yacht generally has the maximum of some thirty members comprising of many professionals. These would include stewardesses, engineers, mates, deckhands, and scuba dive masters. It is important to know that tourists can hire only a skipper to operate the vessel if they want to save.
Hiring rate of a skipper generally hovers around 120 to 130 Euros daily. Hiring only the skipper is additionally good for the tourists as they could also act as a sort of guide as they would be having a lot of experience of the area. Besides, the skipper is expected to be having much knowledge about the culture and history of the area that is representative of the ancient Greek civilization.
There is one more choice for the tourists to choose from. Many sailing vessels are rented, owned and operated by the owner of the vessel himself. These owners yachts are basically over fifty feet in length and can fit up to four cabins. Breakfast and lunch meals for the clients are charged and the rate for chartering owner yachts also includes that of the services of the crew members.
There is then, the flotilla. Anyone with the capability of skippering a sailing vessel but is not sure of going out into unfamiliar waters can join a flotilla. This will enable him to skipper his own vessel but without any jitters as he would be following the flotilla leader who will operate the lead boat. Choosing what you may, yacht charter in Greece is a unique experience and must not be left out of your holiday experience.
Furthermore, there are many other firms that attend to the problems and other operational yachting needs of the tourists. Potential clients can browse the Internet and see their websites where they will find reservation and booking process of yachting more easy and convenient.

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Planning for a Greece Yacht Charter during Vacation


Planning for a Greece Yacht Charter during Vacation by Michaell Waugh

If you have plans of sailing during vacation then why not consider a Greece Yacht Charter in the Islands. Greece, the Mediterranean countryside presents thousands of islands, wonderful wrecks and olden times, gorgeous waterfronts and several taverns all along the way. No wonder, it is one among the world’s best and greatest luxury yacht charter province. You will really love and enjoy the natural beauty when you are sailing along with the friendly ageless haven settlements. You can go in for yacht hire and enjoy your sailing vacation.

Facts to be considered for your Vacation with Greece Yacht Charter

The time to visit Greece

It is during March to early November that most people visit Greece since this is the best time and season for sailing. The weather during spring changes from very cold to warm all through the day but during it is normally cool. The best time for swimming is during middle of May to mid of October as the sea temperature is normally good for sailing and swimming during these months. The temperatures during this time are normally warm during daytime and enjoyable at night. The most accepted periods for yacht charter Greece are spring and autumn. The reason for this is because during this period the weather is appropriate and only few tourists visit the mainland as well as other islands, than during peak summer.

Make up your Mind on the Sort of Charter

There are a lot of alternatives to select from for your Greece yacht charter. Plan your trip well ahead and take into consideration as to the number of people for whom you want the yacht hire. Apart from this you must also plan as to which kind of yacht you will need and whether you need a skipper or you will be able to handle on your own.

Duration of your Trip

With the intention of making your trip a pleasurable one from your Luxury yacht charter, the least duration of your trip has to be at least around 7 days. With regard to maximum duration you can decide for yourself. Some companies offer discounts if you yacht hire for a longer period of time. Apart from this good charter companies have a lot of local knowledge and thus they will be able to help you explore the Island to your heart’s content. You can also try and explore the main Islands thus taking away a few days of your yacht vacation.

You can sail to the Cyclades Islands. The most often visited islands in Greece are the Cyclades Islands. Around 39 islands together make the Greek Islands. They are exceptional for seafaring since they are very near to each other, permitting outstanding and diverse schedules and wharfs. Each and every island has its own features and you will find them all to be different making you fall in love with them. Thus you can observe there are infinite seafaring occasions in Greece. So plan well ahead and make your Greece Yacht Charter Vacation a memorable one.

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Greece battles to salvage bailout package


By Dina Kyriakidou and Renee Maltezou

An article by Reuters

ATHENS (Reuters) – Greece’s leaders battled to salvage a new 130-billion-euro ($170 billion) EU/IMF bailout on Wednesday, rejecting doubts over their commitment to a punishing austerity package just hours before a conference call of euro zone finance ministers.

But with mistrust of Athens high, several EU sources told Reuters that finance officials in the 17-state currency union were studying whether it was possible to delay part or all of the rescue deal while still avoiding a disorderly default – news which pushed safe haven German Bund futures to session highs.

Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos insisted that Greece would have clarified all outstanding issues on a 3.3-billion-euro package of cuts in time for a euro zone call scheduled for 1600 GMT, attacking critics in the zone for “playing with fire.”

Greece’s conservative party leader Antonis Samaras, widely tipped as the country’s next prime minister, pledged in writing that if elected he would stick to an agreed program of welfare and job cuts that triggered riots in central Athens this week.

“If New Democracy wins the next election in Greece, we will remain committed to the programme’s objectives, targets and key policies,” Samaras wrote.

But Samaras, who leads voter surveys ahead of an election that could come as early as April, insisted the fast-shrinking Greek economy must also be kickstarted into life and reserved the right to adapt details of the package accordingly.

“Prioritizing recovery along with the other objectives will only make the program more effective and the adjustment effort more successful. Therefore … policy modifications might be required to guarantee the full programme’s implementation,” he said in the letter to Greece’s international lenders.

Greece has said it must initiate a debt swap deal with private sector bondholders by Friday to meet a March 20 deadline for 14.5 billion euros in debt repayments. It was hoping to have the euro zone’s backing for its second bailout this week.

But EU sources said some in the euro zone doubted the commitment of Greece’s leaders to austerity, and queried whether it would be enough to bring Greece’s debt-to-GDP ratio down from 160 percent now to a target of 120 percent by 2020.

“There are proposals to delay the Greek package or to split it, so that an immediate default is avoided, but not everything is committed to,” one official briefed on preparations for a euro zone finance ministers call later in the day told Reuters.

“They’ll discuss the options,” he said, adding: “There is pressure from several countries to hold off until there is a concrete commitment from Greece, which may not come until after they’ve held elections.”

Samaras’ belated commitment to honor the austerity plan may put that plan on the back burner.

The euro fell to its lowest in more than a week against the dollar and March Bund futures rose by as much as 60 ticks on the day to 139.12 after the Reuters report. The contract was last up 33 ticks up at 138.85.


Euro zone crisis in graphics

Interactive timeline



Venizelos earlier insisted there were “only a few remaining issues” to be resolved on the package of wage, pension and public sector job cuts lashed out at Greece’s doubters.

“There are now powers in Europe who are obviously playing with fire because they believe … that not all requirements will be met, and who may even want Greece out of the euro zone,” he told reporters in Athens.

Rioters torched buildings across Athens late on Sunday as Greek lawmakers passed the austerity bill, of which around 325 million euros of cuts still need to be identified.

But after a series of broken promises since Athens was first bailed out in May 2010, trust is in short supply.

“When you look at the internal political discussions in Greece and the opinion polls, then you have to ask who will really guarantee after the elections … that Greece will stand by what we are now agreeing with Greece,” German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble told SWR2 radio.

“I am also not yet sure that all political parties in Greece are aware of their responsibility for the difficult situation their country is in,” Schaeuble said, adding the EU remained committed to helping Greece if it honored its promises.

While the outcome of Wednesday’s conference call hangs in the balance, European Central Bank board member Joerg Asmussen said approval by the Eurogroup at regular talks next Monday would allow a sovereign debt swap to be completed in time.

“If the Eurogroup (of euro zone finance ministers) is able to make a positive political decision next Monday, the bond swap with voluntary PSI (private sector involvement) can immediately begin and be completed in time,” he told Reuters.

He further said in an emailed interview that while the ECB cannot contribute directly to the new Greek package, it could pass any profits from its sovereign bond purchases on to central banks in euro-zone states, which could then use it for Greece.


Doubt had focused on Samaras, a strong critic of the austerity measures. He voted for the spending cuts but says the new round of austerity could plunge the country, already in its fifth year of recession, into an even bigger slump.

“It’s true we are asking the Greeks for some extremely painful sacrifices and I understand their anger, but Greece has made many errors in its past,” French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe told France Info radio on Wednesday.

“It (the bailout) must be concluded because if Greece went bankrupt and left the euro zone, the chaos would be even worse for the Greek people and very bad news for the euro zone.”

The EU and IMF want Greece to account for every cent of budget cuts before they approve the rescue, which includes a bond swap, cutting the real value of private sector investors’ bond holdings by some 70 percent.

But Greece’s downward economic spiral has accelerated, making it even harder to cut its mountainous debt. Data on Tuesday showed that the economy shrank by seven percent year-on-year in the fourth quarter of last year, even more than the five percent contraction of the third quarter.

Greece is well on its way to suffering one of the biggest slumps of modern history. Output has contracted 16 percent from its peak in 2008 and the cuts will inevitably make that worse.

Prime Minister Lucas Papademos has said that failure to back the bailout would consign Greece to economic catastrophe.

But with many Greeks suffering huge cuts in their living standards and young people burning and wrecking almost 100 Athens buildings in one night on Sunday, some people believe the catastrophe is already under way.

($1 = 0.7616 euros)

(Additional reporting Harry Papachristou and Lefteris Papadimas in Athens, and bureaus in Paris, London, Brussels and Berlin; Writing by Mark John)

Greek stock market rallies today after Greece most probably leaves bankruptcy behind

Greek stock market

Greek stock market rallies today after Greece most probably leaves bankruptcy behind.The banking sector was a leader in profits.Will Greek stock market make a comeback in sock market returns globally this year 2012??

Greece finally escapes bankruptcy once and for all


Greece finally escapes bankruptcy once and for all?Last night the Greek parliament voted in favor of new measures that will keep Greece in the Eurozone.But too many disasters took place in the city of Athens.
What is the cost of not going bankrupt?

Greece under very crucial historical monents for financial crisis


Greece under very crucial historical moments for financial crisis.Will Greece go bankrupt again like in history or not?Lets hope not.But we Greeks pay the mistakes of our politicians,we elected them and they turned out the disaster of Greece.
In history politicians and leaders of Greece were mostly heroes,Like Leonidas and 300 brave men.In modern history politicians did one thing,ruin Greece,humiliate Greece,destroy Greek Economy.

Greece does not deserve this fate,it is a very beautiful country and a country with history,civilization,culture,democracy.And most of all people with judgment,not stupid politicians.

Greece on strike tomorrow again here we go again


Greece on strike tomorrow again here we go again.Greece has a huge problem about productivity,being able to create jobs,GDP,business.
Maybe the best solution for Greece having this huge financial crisis and austerity measures is that we have totally stupid and incompetent politicians!

In Greece you hardly hear good news today.News in Greece are about new tax measures,recession on the economy.In Greece we have totally incompetent and fool politicians.
This is sad about Greece.