Finding Suitable Hotel Accommodation In Greece


Finding Suitable Hotel Accommodation In Greece by Nina Pavlovova

A sojourn to Greece may be a part of your next holiday plan, as it is the case with so many people who love to holiday in Europe. Fortunately for tourists planning a holiday in Greece there is no dearth of hotels, with the affordability levels ranging from moderate to luxurious.

One of the best holiday destinations in Europe, Greece witnesses tourist arrivals from across the world. The popularity of this south-eastern European country on the banks of the Mediterranean Sea as a tourist spot is explained not only by the various attractions in mainland Greece, but also by the ones on the adjacent islands.

However, rewarding capacity of a travel destination notwithstanding, it is as much important to plan a holiday. For getting the best out of your stay, you need to make other arrangements as well, such as booking accommodation, flight tickets etc. What is more, you have to make sure that the cost does not escalate the budget. A goof up could mar your trip, making it essential that you plan your trip perfectly.

Accommodation is the single most important factor while holidaying, a factor which can make the difference. Experienced travellers make it a priority to get the most suitable accommodation for themselves, arranging for it way ahead of the trip. It is not just the hospitality standards, but several other components like the distance from ‘things to do’, affordability etc. which have a say in the decision.

Fortunately, Greece hosts an impressive range of hotels and resorts, ranging from simple but comfortable budget units (meant for price sensitive tourists) to amazing and fabulous accommodation facilities (meant for tourists with a liberal budget for accommodation). And this variety of options in terms of accommodation cost is present in all the other places as well, such as Halkidiki, Mycenae, Thessaloniki, Epidaurus, Delphi and Meteora in the mainland, or in the islands like Santorini, Corfu, Mykonos, Rhodes or Crete.

You can simply visit a hotel website directory, browse through the websites of the hotels located at the spot you are planning to visit, and identify the one that best suits your budget and requirements. By the way, in Greece hotel accommodation is categorized into the following six groups by the Greek National Tourist Organization – Lux (for Luxury), A, B, C, D, and E. These rankings are made on the basis of factors, such as room sizes, amenities offered and services provided. It may be noted here that factors like cleanliness, comfort and friendliness are not counted in the classification process.

D and E class hotels are more-or-less in the same price range. They are usually pre-war hotels, lacking certain amenities, such as an en-suite private bathroom or shower.

B and C class hotels may be called the best choices for budget travellers. They are known for their cleanliness and quality service, including en-suite bathroom and food availability in the hotel premises. In fact B class hotels offer quite a good quality accommodation, while C class hotels offer modestly furnished accommodation with adequate sleeping arrangements.

A class hotels offer comfortably sized rooms, and boast of pleasantly furnished public areas. They also offer dining facilities.

Luxury hotels offer various facilities, including huge rooms and public areas boasting meticulous decoration and furnishing, and comfortable dining facilities.

Please remember that room prices are subject to changes, and you are therefore advised to check with the hotel for an updated price quote before you arrive. Two determinants of price are seasonal fluctuations and the hotel location. The months of July and August witness high room fares, given the fact that these are the peak tourism months. April, May, September and October are the months when the accommodation charges are likely to witness a fall.

The author is currently associated with BRG, a global hotel website directory offering a comprehensive database of hotels across the world, covering information like amenities, hotel prices, etc.

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Greece gets support to The Golden Globes


Hollywood Stars Talk Greece and Send Love to the Crisis-Hit Country from the Golden Globes – Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, George Clooney, Steven Spielberg, Gerard Butler, Sofia Vergara, Christopher Plummer, Alexander Payne and Maria Menounos talk about their trips in Greece and send love to the crisis-hit country from the Red Carpet of the 69th Golden Globe Awards.

How to book a self catering in Heraklion, Greece


How to book a self catering in Heraklion, Greece

by Teddy Major

Heraklion is one of the four prefectures of Crete, Greece. Heraklion is famous for many things, but unfortunately, many will know of the area having taken flights to Heraklion Airport, and not because of the stunning beaches, laid back way of life, amazing archaeological discoveries and hugely picturesque scenery. There is so much to uncover on holiday to Heraklion that you would be hard pushed to do any more than scratch the surface during a holiday in Heraklion accommodation.

When you could be based in or close to the vibrant capital city of Crete, holiday rental accommodation in Heraklion will appeal to anyone who wants to add a little urban excitement to their experience of an area that is otherwise peacefully rural, and finding yourself situated somewhere between the two stretches of coastline that run along the north and south sides of this Greek Island, apartment and villa rentals in Heraklion will never be too far from the nearest paradise beach! Include the fact that there could be miles of spectacular mountain landscapes spreading out from the doorstep of your holiday accommodation and Heraklion will tick all the boxes when it comes to finding a location that is guaranteed to delight your whole family, as there are plenty of situations from where people of all ages and interests can enjoy all aspects of the incredible natural and cultural heritage of the fascinating island of Crete.

Villa and apartment rentals in Heraklion can also provide all the spacious luxury and privacy you could wish for as well as plenty of rustic character and charm for those who are hoping to sample a slice of country life in one of many authentic rural villages that are scattered throughout this part of the island, and whether you want to explore all the opportunities that are available for sport and recreation or are content to simple relax by the pool at your holiday accommodation, Heraklion promises to offer you the chance to really get-away-from-it-all to a place where the sun shines virtually all year round.

Crete is famous for its summer beach holidays, and you will certainly not be disappointed with the range of beaches at your disposal from Heraklion accommodation. Every Heraklion resort guide is filled with pictures of idyllic, sweeping sand beaches, backed by undulating, unspoilt countryside, and this is exactly what you can expect when you arrive at your self catering Heraklion villa, apartment or holiday home. The beaches of Agia Pelagia, Amoudara, Hersonisos, Kalamaki and Malia are especially worth finding, and although many of them draw plaudits from Heraklion resort guides, they still remain remarkably empty for the majority of the year.

The countryside of Heraklion makes it an ideal destination for a huge range of sports. The warm, calm waters and reliable sea breezes make Heraklion a magnificent spot for sailing, windsurfing and kite-surfing, allowing you to explore the rugged coastline under your own steam, following any whims or urges to explore you might discover! There are also many other water sports to try, from water skiing to scuba diving, which is absolutely magnificent in the region, allowing you to explore the amazing under water geology and marine species which call Heraklion home. If you would prefer to stay a little dryer during your stay in Heraklion accommodation, the region is among the finest for horse riding holidays. Galloping along deserted beaches and into the vast, open countryside of Crete gives you an unrivalled feeling of freedom and adventure, and there are some magnificent trails of discovery to be found.

There are some excellent cultural attractions available on a holiday to Heraklion. There are a range of world-class restaurants in the area, especially in the prefecture’s capital, which is also called Heraklion. The Archaeological Museum, Open-Air Lychnostatis Museum and the Minos Winery Museum are excellent places to start any cultural discovery of the region. The Aquarium in Hersonissos is also well worth investigating from Heraklion accommodation too. There is also a calendar absolutely full of festivals and events where the Cretan lifestyles and traditions still thrive.

Lupain Holiday Rentals for the best holidays in Heraklion.

I write articles for Lupain Holiday Rentals.
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Lupain Holiday Rentals for the best holidays in Heraklion.

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How to book a holiday letting in Pelion, Greece


How to book a holiday letting in Pelion, Greece by Teddy Major

Densely forested and remarkably green, even in the summer, the Pelion peninsula juts south-east into the Aegean Sea, some 200 miles north of Athens. Shaped roughly like a fish hook, it encloses the Pagasitic Gulf on its inside curve and the outer coastline opens onto the Aegean. There are two distinct landscapes. The Gulf side has long, mainly shingle beaches, half hidden at the ends of olive-clad valleys – often with a tiny village along the edge of the beach.

Here, the sea is flat, calm and very warm. As the water is often shallow for some distance from the beach, it is ideal for children. By contrast, the beaches on the Aegean side are sandy, but more rugged in character. For much of the summer, and particularly during August, the Meltemi blows from the east, making ideal conditions for windsurfing and sailing.

The northern end of the peninsula is made up of Mount Pelion itself, a massive hunched mountain of just over 5,400 feet. Its rounded contours are softened by the forests of oak and chestnut which cover its upper slopes, while the olive groves sweep down to the sea, the shimmering silver-green of Athena’s tree set off by the pure, brilliant hues of poplar and plane. Standing out in contrast are the outcrops of slate-coloured limestone, and the occasional houses, either old, grey and perfectly at one with the landscape, or dazzling white in their newness.

Above all, the Pelion peninsula has a lushness which is markedly different from the arid landscape typical of much of Greece. But Pelion is not an entirely new discovery. In antiquity it was famed as the home of the Centaurs, fabulous beasts half-horse and half-man. And trees from the mountain provided the timbers of the Argo, which carried Jason on his quest for the Golden Fleece.

Pelion is a wonderful place for swimming, sunbathing and relaxation. Many of our clients have found it particularly relaxing because it reminds them of the Greece of the sixties and seventies when tourism had just begun to develop and they would get the sense of life going on in tune with nature. Sitting at a restaurant for ages without feeling pushed to leave because somebody else wants your table; women returning home with their goats and stopping to chat to their friends; the irrigation channels flowing early in the morning to water the summer gardens, and many other small aspects of village life that help one to wind down. On the other hand there is a choice of food, entertainment and activities to make the area appealing to those who would like to get out and about…

The peninsula is criss-crossed with cobbled donkey-tracks, until recently the only means of getting from one place to another. These now make perfect routes for walkers and riders If you enjoy walking we will be very happy to give you directions for finding and following the paths near to your accomodation. For those who enjoy horse-back riding there is a well run stables in Arghalasti, and if you are looking for instant relaxation there is massage and Shiatsu available in Milina. Last but not least, motorboats for up to four adults, kayaks and sailing dinghies can be hired, and we can arrange Day Sailing on a skippered yacht.

The mountain villages are fascinating, and there are many marvellous swimming places right off the beaten track. We give further details in our ‘General Information’, but we are happiest discussing the possibilities with you once you have arrived in Pelion.

I write articles for Lupain Holiday Rentals.
Browse our website to see the full range of self catering accommodation in Pelion.
Lupain Holiday Rentals for the best holidays in Pelion

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Plan Ahead for Greek Island Holidays


Plan Ahead for Greek Island Holidays by Bruce Markey

Greek island holidays are enjoyed by tourists from all over the world, however it is imperative to plan ahead to avoid or mitigate disaster. This point is illustrated by the sinking of the MS Sea Diamond off the island of Santorini.

The Sea Diamond was a luxury cruise ship that ran around at Santorini. The ship took on water and evacuation procedures were necessary to save the passengers and crew. Later, two passengers were discovered missing. They have never been found. The captain and several crew members were charged with negligence.

If you have never been to Santorini, you may be wondering how there could be such a disaster and loss of any life while in sight of – in fact, almost literally on – the famous island. Santorini is the result of a horrific volcano that ripped the island to shreds. The caldera is so deep, cruise ships do not dock there. Passengers are ferried to and from large ships in tender boats. The walls of the island are sheer rock, vertical, and plunge deeply into the sea. A foothold, ledge or gently sloping beach will not be found by the unfortunate swimmer on the wrong spot of the island. Although the boat has not settled deep in the caldera, financial and other considerations make it impossible to raise or move the stricken ship to a deeper location. A roped off circle in the water warns other ships of the tragedy of the MS Diamond and lends a somber pause to tourists arriving on the island of Santorini.

How can you protect yourself from such dangers while enjoying Greek island holidays? While nobody can predict an accident such as what happened with the Sea Diamond, there are several things the prudent traveler can do prior to embarking on Greek island holidays.

1. Plan your trip with a reputable, knowledgeable travel company that knows the location, businesses and services you will be using. Having someone on your side that is in the know is invaluable. A travel company that specializes in Greek island holidays will know most reliable cruise lines, the safety records of the boats, and which islands are best to visit during the season of your choice. They are your eyes and ears before, during and after your trip, enabling you to relax and enjoy Greek island holidays on the strength of their research and knowledge.

2. Buy insurance. Nobody plans an accident. Having insurance for unexpected medical expenses, loss of luggage, missed flights or last minute travel changes goes a long way to ensure peace of mind.

3. Attend safety training and know your escape routes. Cruises start with a safety briefing. Go to this briefing and pay attention. Take note of the locations of the stairs in your hotel. While there is no need to be paranoid, always take your safety seriously while on Greek island holidays and take the few extra minutes to know how to escape a shipwreck or hotel fire. When disaster strikes and panic sets in, those that are prepared are those that are more likely to survive.

Greek island holiday are enjoyed by many because they are unforgettable, beautiful, romantic vacations. Do not let your island holiday been ruined by tragedy. Plan ahead and use the services of a travel agency so you can enjoy your stay with peace of mind.

Count on us for your Greek island holidays. We will plan an itinerary for you that includes the islands of your choice, including Santorini. One call is all it takes to have the perfect vacation. Your dream of island hopping in the Mediterranean awaits. Call us today.

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Greece Journey – all forms of resorts offered in Greece

Greece Journey – all forms of resorts offered in Greece

by Steven Robert

Greece is a wonderful and critical nation. Greece is a place in which individuals can indulge on their own with almost anything they will believe of. Night time existence, exotic foods, sunny beaches, historical and cultural sights and what not, the region has whatever and almost every thing a person can believe of while arranging a trip for vacations. This could be the primary reason why the region keeps attracting hordes of readers throughout the 12 months. To residence the a lot of readers for the place you will find numerous resorts all over the region, which are both affordable and pricey at precisely the same time. The report beneath offers uncomplicated definitions of all sorts of hotels obtainable in Greece to ensure that folks planning to journey to Greece the subsequent time can strategy intelligently and also have a great time even though their stays.

Greece is often a nation wealthy in culture and record each. The archeological websites inside the region hold a lot historical importance that they entice a quantity of tourists all through the year. The sorts of resorts offered In Greece to property the several website visitors on the place contain the luxurious five star lodges. The superb services and accommodation suppliers, four star resorts. The three starrer fit for tourists and households on vacations who need to shell out far more on their travelling and sightseeing rather then accommodations and food. The very last classes contain the one and two starrer resorts. Mainly called motels, these areas are greatest in case you plan to stay inside the location although you might be around the go.

The five star resorts in Greece present luxury and solutions of the highest top quality. Like wisely priced, the 5 star lodges have comforts and luxuries in the world amount and are very best for people who need to invest the majority time indoors and still take pleasure in and grab the many amusement of your country. While organizing a trip to Greece an expertise in one from the five star accommodations of Greece can be a need to. Best of accommodations, exotic foodstuff and all the in house enjoyment, the five star lodges in Greece offer you anything to their friends they could possibly inquire for. From concierge providers to even arranging staff, anything is accessible round the clock, to these 5 starred resort friends.

The four star resorts come in following. Although you happen to be planning to pay a visit to Greece, sight see and however enjoy the comforts of a warm and comfy bed at night time coupled up with great foods and a few in home leisure features, the four star accommodations in Greece, really should be your guaranteed discontinue. They may be each reasonably priced and present quality companies to all their company. Round the clock place companies and added additional services like that of mini bars and internet connectivity and voicemails in place, is what the four starred lodge in Greece provide their company.

The three star hotels in Greece are greatest to the tourists and businessmen to the go. They offer you top quality accommodation, great meals and therefore are excellent in case you want to invest extra time out in the hotel than in it. They’re cheap and are excellent for all who desire to travel a lot more and relax tiny.

Greece is usually a stunning place and one which really should be visited no less than after within your lifetime. The encounter will previous eternally.

Research For much more info on Greece Travel, please visit Greece Travel.

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On the Financial Crisis of Greece by Lee Joo Hang @하나고등학교

Lee Joo Hang gives a speech on the financial crisis of Greece and explains the background for the problem in Mr. Lim’s class

A classic moment when England captain David Beckham scores with a sensational 30-yard free kick, three minutes into injury-time. Because Germany only drew with Finland, the goal means England automatically qualified for the2002 World Cup finals.

Greece Is Falling Apart

Wednesday 14th of September 2011, vlog #721 of my video diary! Greece being on the edge of bankruptcy is the talk of the day, Katja rides a bike really well and ghetto chillin’. Take a look! www.renatovanbloemenhuis.comVlogging about my life, family, friends, my online adventures and more! Please leave a comment and rate! Thanks a bundle Don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already!!! I’m a social media coach and expert, providing 1-on-1 training and workshops. Contact me at for more information. New adventures of me, Pelle (6), Katja (3) and my wife Francis. Subscribe now so you won’t miss a day! I run a dutch blog stie at about movies, comics, my life, social media, content marketing and more. Check it out if you’re dutch! Don’t worry, be happy! For real-time updates, pictures and other neat stuff follow me on Twitter Facebook For my Dutch peeps social media workshops, twitter workshops, content marketing, youtube marketing, video marketing, hoe word je Youtube partner, internet ondernemer, internet entrepreneur, de social media coach, social media tv, online social media video workshops, social media voor ondernemers, youtube voor ondernemers, facebook voor ondernemers, sociale media voor ondernemers, social media voor horeca, social media voor bedrijven, sociale media, social media coach, social media outsourcing, superdad, parenting, sociale media, social media
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Austerity measures tightened in Greece – Press TV News

Automatically uploaded video [VIDEO] Austerity measures tightened in Greece Fri, 23 Sep 2011 17:31:37 Url: “ #presstv #presstvandroid #presstviphone #presstvglobalnews #presstvmobile

euronews reporter - Greece: Drowning by numbers

A year after the international rescue plan was implemented, Greece’s economy shows no signs of recovery. A disillusioned population can see no light at the end of the tunnel. We gauge the feeling in Athens, this week in Reporter….