Top 3 Secluded Greek Beaches You Must Experience


Top 3 Secluded Greek Beaches You Must Experience by Laura Lyons

What comes in mind when you think of paradise? White sands in between your toes, clear, crystal blue waters, mountain slopes, and lovely weather is what I think of. Spending your vacation in the Greek Islands seems to be the ideal paradise where time stops and spirits get lifted. With over 900 islands in Greece to choose from it’s hard to choose a couple to venture out to and really experience. The majesty of secluded Greek beaches is unparalleled. Read on to find out our Top 5 beaches you must visit in your lifetime.

Though determining this list is purely subjective, we guarantee we did our best to consider multiple factors including first-hand experience. Each beach has something unique and its own character; some we marveled in its breath taking landscape, the quality of soft sand, to cleanliness and seclusion.

The first beach we thought was extraordinary was in Elafonisos Island, Peloponnese called Sarakiniko. It offers the pleasure of being “far out” yet also still accessible by vehicle, with some less than stellar road conditions. It is definitely worth the drive and minor trouble to get here, as the water conditions are perfect and live up to paradise conditions. The crystal clear waters look like they were painted on, so clear with no visible floating particles. The perfect cool and lukewarm temperature, you feel instantly relieved and stress-free. Some areas of this beach comes with a topless sunbathing option, and other areas are so picturesque that it takes your breath away. Another great quality this beach offers is a cantina, right on the beach, and visitors may even camp overnight if they so please.

Secondly, we invite you to explore Egremni Beach in Lefkada, one of Greece’s best kept secret spots. Not mentioning the absolutely majestic scenery filled with mountains, coves, but the turquoise water, soft white coarse sand, and secluded location make it Number two on our list of best beaches you must experience in Greece. There are small pebbles on the beach and on the sea floor, which you will see after you make a short hike down a few hundred makeshift stairs. But don’t worry, this beach also offers two cantinas on the beach, so you can stay hydrated on your climb and walk back to your car.

The last, but not to say, the very least beach on our top 3 list is Belegrina Beach in Chrissi Island, Crete. Belegrina is another idyllic spot that’s on our list because we truly would travel around the world just to swim here. With fine sands, this uninhabited island is accessible by boat from the southernmost town in Crete, Lerapetra. After your one hour boatride to the beach, enjoy this magnificent beach, views, and even a tavern on the beach. There are so many amenities here, and you will be surprised to find that for an “uninhabited” island, so many touristic attractions are available, including snorkeling.

With any travel accommodation, the Greek Islands and beaches are best explored with travel insurance. You never know when your trip may be interrupted by an unforeseen event or schedules change. Even a cheap travel insurance plan may insure you against cancellations and other mishaps. Enjoy Greece and its fine beaches, we hope you take us with you on your beach paradise!

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Take A Vacation To Greece


Take A Vacation To Greece

Take A Vacation To Greece by A.Morrow

Greece is a really magnificent and stunning location, the home of Western civilization and culture with several great tourist sites, but even beautiful shorelines perfect for adventure holidays, and the most excellent night life for people who want to party or those who want to soak up the atmosphere and delicious meals Greek restaurants have to offer. However, if you follow the traditional tourism custom, nice though it is, you may be missing out on the real heart that makes Greece what it is. Drop the traditional boring Greek Holiday, and choose a unique tour of Athens and also the islands.

This is your likelihood to do something special with your time off, instead of simply wander the streets till sunset and then sleep the night away. If you’re someone who enjoys physical activity, including cross training or running, then you may enjoy the possibility to require yourself on a wonderful Greek vacation that would still allow you to sightsee like a tourist within the afternoon, and then go dancing or enjoy a fabulous meal out at night. Maintaining the right balance of life, training and celebrating is not always easy when you are on holiday, however if you are determined to make certain that you do not get flabby during your days off, then paying for a holiday as well as personal training is one way to ensure that you simply relish life however also stay in shape.

Taking the chance for a distinctive trip of some of the more beautiful Greek islands in the Mediterranean, and even shopping and going to a number of the distinctive spots in Athens is not to be missed, and if you have got always been very physically active then you should welcome the possibility to train along the wonderful beaches in morning, before settling down for a few shopping after lunch, and then hitting the Greek restaurants when night falls. This Greek vacation package is more than simply the key tourist hot-spots, and you’ll do more in one week than you may do for the rest of the year.

Holidays became run-of-the-mill for most individuals, as a result of they can’t take the opportunities that are offered them for a unique tour of the Greek mainland, the capital and the islands. The tour contains some laze about on the beach as well as visiting a number of the hidden treasures the local villages need to offer. What might be better than staying up late enjoying the Dionysian traditions of wine, women and song, and then clearing your head the next day with a hard work-out with lovely scenery for company? By taking the distinctive tour of Greece, you may be giving yourself a holiday to actually remember, one thing that can stand out from the other foreign holidays you have taken.

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Luxury Villa Holiday in Greece : For a blissful vacation in Europe

Luxury Villa Holiday in Greece : For a blissful vacation in Europe

Luxury Villa Holiday in Greece : For a blissful vacation in Europe
Richard Parker.

Are you planning to go out for a weekend with your friends and family? Are you confused about where to go? Do you have a small kid and worried how would you take care in an unknown land? If the answer is affirmative, forget all your worries. You can enjoy the Luxury Villa Holiday in Greece for a crazy vacation away from your monotonous office life. You would be definitely pleased to know that these villas are bestowed with all the modern amenities along with a private pool and Jacuzzi. All these conveniences make this play ideal to stay not only with the kids, but also with friends.

In fact, if you find Greek tradition attractive, you can enjoy it fully as these places are just five minutes away from most popular Greek villages like Lindos, Lardos and Pefkos. You will surely enjoy the comfort and style of this Greek villa. Whether you are out for a romantic holiday with your partner or want to spend a great vacation with your close family members, the place is ideal for spending a quality time together. Enjoy a splendid holiday at this exotic villa endowed with traditional Greek barbeque, sun beds along with wet room and bathroom facilities.

You can choose a variety of Villa Holiday Greece in some of the most exotic tourist destinations including Rhodes. In fact, you can also find great villas near Lindos where you can have the chance to experience the ancient Greek culture and mythology. Greece has a rich historical background clubbed with great natural beauty. You too can adore this dream place by staying in these villas which happen to be dream house of many. The place offers relaxation and a refreshing experience to the tourist. They are undoubtedly the best place to visit as they are away from the noise of city giving you an opportunity to get tranquilized in the lap of nature. In fact, if you love to cook, you can try out your culinary skills at the modern kitchen available in the villa. The villas have simply everything you can think of, ranging from barbeques to sun beds and hot tubs to Fridge.

In fact, if you are worried about laundry, do not be because you’ll b provided with quality bed linen and fresh towels. In fact, you can shop out and have fun at the nearby market with your kids. Kids too can have a lovely time at the nearby parks and other amusement facilities where they can meet the natives and interact with them. Last but not the least; the villas are simply perfect not only for romantic breaks with your partner but even for family holidays. Try out the facility once and you will surely love it. Hundreds of families have rejoiced in these top notch villas. You can take advantage of this facility at dirt cheap price which makes it an ideal accommodation for a budget holiday. So what are you waiting for? Enjoy a lavishing holiday in Greece and make your vacation memorable.

Colin Smith is the author of this article on Greek Villa.
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Greece Tourist Destinations – Most Visited Place Around The World

Greece Tourist Destinations – Most Visited Place Around The World

Greece Tourist Destinations – Most Visited Place Around The World

Greece tourist destinations are one of the most popular and, exciting places in the world. In addition, it is an archipelago country that is full of various activities and, many pristine beaches are perfect for a memorable vacation. Moreover, the magnificent architecture, wonderful weather, rich ancient history, and mouthwatering cuisine are the key features that attract hundreds of the vacationers to savor their time of vacations in the mesmerizing Greece tourist destinations. Furthermore, the people who lead a busy lifestyle often desire vacationing in the places where pace of life is a bit slower. And, this European country offers an opportunity to relax and enjoy the precious time of vacation peacefully.

Athens the capital city which is full of interesting history is a must see Greece tourist destinations. Moreover, the city offers dome of the most picturesque corners, and magnificent archeological sites that reminds the tourist about its powerful past. Furthermore, Acropolis is the world’s most famous monument which was made 2400 years ago. In addition, the Ancient Angora is famous for the ruins of famous Hellena Stoa. Also, the history lovers can witness the amazing artifacts in the National Archeological Museum. Although, Athens is full of historical sites but it offers some very enjoyable places also, for instance there is an open air theater that plays some very interesting shows in the Theater of Dionysus. And, the Greece tourist destinations are also famous for its lively bars and cafes.

However, Greece tourist destinations are more famous for its historical monuments and rich taste for art but, there are some islands that can liven-up the tour. Firstly, the beaches of Alonissos are amongst the cleanest beaches in the world. And, it is an astonishing experience to visit the beaches that consists of pebbles and rocks instead of sand. In addition, the visitors can enjoy the wild natural beauty offered by the beaches of this region.

Secondly, Agios Nikolaos is one of the highly developed Greece tourist destinations. And, low humid atmosphere of the island makes it an ideal place to relax. Also, the view of the sea is outstanding, and the city is surrounded by the sandy beaches; and some of the most beautiful bays of Greece tourist destinations are in Agios Nikolaos.

Thirdly, the Syros is the heart of the Aegean Sea where the villages are of unique natural beauty. Moreover, the Ermoupolis is the main port which is amphitheatrically built on two hills. In addition, the tavernas of the islands are perfect for enjoying traditional meal with the sound of local songs.

In conclusion, the Greece tourist destinations are very popular holiday destination since it has the perfect combination of rich history and breathtaking natural beauty. In addition, it has many other things to offer the tourists, from pristine beaches, to wonderful villages and fantastic shopping. Moreover, the Mediterranean climate of Greece tourist destinations is alive and pleasant. And, tourist must expect to eat very well in Greece since, the local restaurants which are called as tavernas offer the most mouthwatering Greek cuisine in combination with heart-melting local music. Finally, Greece tourist destinations are not known for major cosmopolitan flair, especially the islands offers the products from the local artisans only which cannot be beat.

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